i need a yoyo the doesn't tilt!

I’m learning some faster-type yoyo tricks and the problem i have is my yoyo tilts to the side and ends my trick. I need a yoyo that doesn’t tilt at all. i know part of it is my throw, but my friends yoyo doesnt tilt nearly as bad as mine.
I was going to get an 888x but i read in the forum reviews that it tilts (several people said this). I heard the phenomizm doesn’t tilt at all. WHAT IS A TILT-LESS YOYO? :smiley:

Genesis is known for it’s stability. I would also suggest a spyy punchline, yyf primo (very underrated), And clyw sasquatch. all very stable

Hello, tilt can be caused by different things, primarily the throw… secondly, the poor technique while doing tricks. Often times the string will hit the wall of the yoyo causing this to occur. If you hit the wall more than once, then the yoyo of course will begin to go off axis. The only way I’ve been able to help prevent tilting on the whole is to improve the throw, the technique AND get a yoyo with a low walled gap that has a superior slick finish, be it anodized or glass bead blasted (on metal yoyos). Yoyos like the protostar, rockstar, yuuksta, singularity, chaotic, spyy supra and pro all have a very small wall around the bearing. This feature eliminates the string hitting the wall causing tilt and friction. Check out the center profiles of different yoyos and you’ll see what i mean.


thanks (yuuksta was #2 on my list so i might get that) but im still a noob at yoyoing. I dont even know what anodized or bead blasted means. will a center trac/ konkave bearing help?

The bearing question IS the Question of the Century in Yoyo Universe. The concave type do help in keeping the string away from the sides. I use them and they work for me, especially in regards to balance. However there are Many other players who believe otherwise. Opinions are heavily experienced based on here, so in the end you’ll have to experiment and see the differences.

Nope, they do not compensate for your throw/technique.

The yuuksta isn’t actually that stable. Because of its light weight and small size, it avtually tilts quite a bit during tricks. It does correct itself most of the time but you do lose out on spin time. Also, kk or ct bearings do make you sping longer, but it does not make you not tilt. Also, later on, when tou do harder string tricks, ct and kk brarings actually bunch up the string and can snag or grab alot. It does help the learning phase though

I have to strongly disagree with Mr. Swatnoodle. The Yuuksta has excellent stability in my opinion. One of the smoothest 65 gram throws out there. If you notice, it’s side profile is that of the Genesis, which is also on the Rockstar 2012. Excellent.

Yeah, you just end up with a tilted yoyo with a centered string. :wink:

I think you can get a Genesis, G5 and avalanche or other heavy yoyo, but they are expensive

It has excellent stability for an undersized, but if you want to compare it to a genesis, not even close

Not close you say? Hmm…

The Yuuksta is still pretty stable, but don’t compare to a genesis or primo or something

Severes are very stable. 09’ severes in are my preferance.

all yoyos tilt. THE END. dont belive me? go out and get a super expensive Mg, itll be like “LOLOLO!!! NO MORE TILT FOR ME!!” 2 seconds later, “WAHHH I SPENT 400 BUCKS ON A YOYO THAT TILTS!” unless someone comes up with some gyroscopic balenceing thingamabober or similar (before yall say its already undergoing gyroscopic forces, i know that)

anyway, off of the rant.

do you mean its precessing? as in, turning in a circle? or is it tilting so that it goes off axis (horizontal/excalibur)?

if precessing, a stronger throw would help, and (correct me if i am wrong) large rim weight yoyos precess more. (if it is more center weight it will precess less, but easier to go off axis)


if you are left handed, its reversed when sidestyle

CLYW Gnarwhal and Bear vs Man. Two very stable yoyos, but they take a big toll on your wallet. As 1slave25 said, all yoyos are gonna tilt, it’s mostly in the technique. That being said it is not all technique. Some yoyos do tilt less than others. While the two yoyos I mentioned might tilt less than others, you can get any yoyo to be just as untilty as another that is said to be more stable.

Ahh Mg’s design is very unstable, it tilts very easy. I know this because it was my main throw for around 3 years.
yoyos with diameter hub areas are more stable, compare a fhz(not stable) to a protostar(stable) and you will see what I mean. the less leverage the string has to push the yoyo over the harder it is for it to do so. So you end up with a yoyo that is stable. add the weight in the right spots and you have an even more stable yoyo.
So yes all yoyos tilt, but thats like saying comparing performance of cars by saying they all go forward. Sure they do, but put a smart car on a track with a dragster and see how they compare.
I agree with the sentiment that, it’s the thrower not the yoyo, how ever there are attributes for each yoyo out there. Some are better at some things then others. Stable non tilting yoyos are a major development in the yoyo world recently. if you watch designs you will see it.

okay so all yoyo’s tilt, but some yoyos are worse than others?
how would a yuuksta compare to a 888x? or a phenom to a raptor- for example.
and thanks for posting the video but isnt it inconvienent to have to stop in the middle of your combo just to re-center your yoyo?

well, if you get smooth at your combo, you can adjust tilt REALLY quickly. or if your plain old good at fixing tilt. alos, do you mean tilt like in my vid, or spinning? PLEASE tell us :slight_smile:

tilt as in- when im in a trapeze it just starts falling to one side. like in your video