YYF Shutter Yoyo tilting! Help

Hi everyone,
I just got a YYF Shutter and it’s great and all, but it tilts to the side >:(. It switches sides. IT IS NOT MY THROW. Sorry about that, I just wanted to make that clear. I have lined up my throw perfectly. Even when it’s just hanging it tilts. I have a Center Trac Bearing which means it is not the bearings fault. If anymore info is needed I will supply it. Please Reply Soon :).

–Pokemon Yo-Yo Master

Don’t all yoyos do this???

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N00btips: dont leave it just hanging there.

Siriusly tho, if you are somehow measuring sleep time or just enjoy watching it spinning, you can control the tilt by twisting the string. Just pick up the string like one or two inches above the yoyo and iirc on a front throw a clockwise twist will tilt the yoyo to the left, and vice versa

A little known factoid: A non-spinning yoyo tilts.

To control the tilt of a spinning yoyo, twist your wrist slightly in the opposite direction.

Would thin lube help?
And also, my other yoyos don’t tilt when they are hanging

A yoyo tilting when its not spinning means nothing. It doesnt mean that there is anything wrong with the yoyo, and even the most expensive yoyos on the market will tilt when theyre not spinning. This is because the string is not dead center on the bearing, and as such it’s slightly off balance. This small balance issue has no real effect during play, as the gyroscopic effect of the spinning yoyo keeps it on plane.

If the yoyo is tilting while its spinning, its your throw. Sorry, I know you dont want to hear it, but its your throw. You could just not be used to the shutter so you’re throwing it a little weird, or maybe you just haven’t practiced your throw enough.

Im curious though - What other yoyos do you have that don’t tilt?

Curious, what are these other yoyos?

And as has been stated, if it tilts or doesn’t tilt when it’s not spinning is of no consequence.


I’ve had a magic yoyo N9, Duncan Fireball, and Duncan butterfly.

How long will it take to get used too.
I’ve had it for four days but have been using it a lot.

The Fireball and Butterfly are both what is known as “high wall” yoyos. This means that the area from the bearing extends farther out before flaring away from the center of the yoyo.

This is a high wall yoyo: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/368/YYF-ONE
This is a low wall yoyo: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1215/YYF-Cyborg

See how on the low wall yoyo, the area directly above and below the bearing flare out more quickly? That’s what is known as “low wall”.

When the yoyo is not spinning, a high wall yoyo will tilt less because the string will come in contact with the wall at a lower angle.

As for why the N9 is tilting less, I can’t say. Maybe it’s because it comes with a concave bearing which keeps the string in the middle a little better. Maybe it’s in your head.

If you keep practicing, before you know it.

Will a fatter string help?

You’ll get tighter binds with a thicker string, but no, it won’t help with your tilting issues.

Give it a couple weeks of practice, and you’ll be much, much better at throwing than you are now. Just keep working on tricks and you’ll get it eventually. Throwing is 90% technique and 10% equipment.

There is no problem with your yoyo. And probably not much of a problem with your throw. Even if you think the string is perfectly centered (with a CT, not likely), there’s going to be a slight difference at a minute level; and then the tension of the string itself is going to apply a tiny bit of pressure. Staring at the yoyo, it WILL tilt.

This is absolutely normal, not a problem, and not worth even thinking about never mind obsessing over. :wink:

No, but twisting your wrist slightly in the opposite direction will.

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When my Shutter tilts, I snap a photo. A tilting Shutter is a happy Shutter. Say “cheese” Ann Shutter!

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5614/15489690000_f6f61c20df_c.jpgShutterACspin18 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Some yoyos just need to be thrown differently than others. It took me a while to throw my Hitman Pro where it would not tilt and get enough spin. It just played and was weighted different than what I was used to.

Another thing is that some yoyos are easier to tilt than others. With horizontal play becoming more popular, a lot of manufacturers have changed the focus of the rim weight from the outside of the rim (which makes it more stable) to the “mid-rim,” which allows the yoyo to change axis and regenerate better. As you can see in the above picture, the Shutter has extra beef in the “mid-rim,” which would make it much more likely to tilt than the heavy-in-the-outside-rim-to-offset-zstacked Magic N9.

You just need to play the yoyo more, get better, and have fun!

Thanks for all your kind, helpful responses. I will keep on practicing and am happy to know it’s not a problem with my new yo-yo.