YYF Whip


I have noticed that the YYF Whip doesn’t stay balanced very long. Is there a way to fix that? Also sometimes there is a knot in the area of string around the bearing but It doesn’t affect how the yoyo plays im pretty sure.


My Yuuksta tilted too but I corrected the tilting with a koncave bearing. And the string can get looped around the bearing twice sometimes so all you have to do is undo it.


Well is there any other way to correct tilting?

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A KK is NOT a solution to tilting. All it does is give you a tilted yoyo with a centered string.

The only solution to tilting is your throw. With practce it will be good enough that you don’t need to worry about tilting.


but after a while after i throw it starts to tilt even if my throw is balanced


If it starts out straight, then you most likely threw it straight. Yoyos start to tilt when they slow down. It’s hard to tell without seeing you throw it, or hearing it spin. It might mean that you have to get better at throwing it harder, but it also might mean that there is something, a little piece of string fuzz or something in the bearing or the bearing seat. Take a close look at the bearing seats. Do you have another yoyo with a “c” size bearing? If so, swap the bearings and throw both yoyos. If the Whip is OK but the other one slows down too quickly now, you’ll have to clean that bearing.

I’m a huge fan of the Whip. It should spin for quite a while.


I don’t have another size c bearing.


Your bearing isn’t the cause of tilt. The Whip is light, which makes it prone to tilting more. As it slows down it will lose it’s stability.

The only way to alleviate the issue would be to cut up some aluminum and make some heavy rims for it. Which isn’t worth the effort. It’d be cool to see but unless you have a lathe…save your money and time.

Bind earlier. Learn when the yoyo gets to it’s final rotations to bind it up and keep chugging along.

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This is not an issue with equipment. You simply need to practice your throw. No mods or additional bearings necessary.


if you would look through the threads out there, even the most expensive yoyo DO TITLT. meaning even if you mod it or change bearing it will still tilt since the problem is not with the yoyo but with the throw. if you think that you threw straight and it tilted either your throw is not straight after all or it was weak.





Throw, observe, correct. Repeat. Also, how do you throw? I find my problem comes when I snap my wrist, that sometimes my hand position will move a bit, hence causing my tilt problems.

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Practice throwing hard and straight.


sometimes plastic light plastic yoyos like the whip can tilt just depending on how straight you throw it and sometimes it will loop around the bearing a second time kind of like a slip knot just unscrew the yoyo and undo the second loop.


See what I did there? A tilted throw is a tilted throw, and it won’t matter if he buys a heavier yoyo. Sorry, this has been buggin’ me lately…

yoskater makes a really good point about the slip knot. You can drop out of a Mach 5 or something the wrong way and get an extra loop around the bearing. The yoyo will still even be unresponsive, but not spin as long. Is that the kind of knot you’re talking about?


It might be because the yoyo is still unresponsive even if that extra loop is on. I took of the extra loop i think