yoyo is tilting as if its off balance..dont know why

i recently got my new yo a BvM ogopogo…its played great but here lately it seems to be tilting after my throw but is still spinning fine. i have not hit anythang with this yoyo and i keep very good care of it. but i do notice my string is not centered on the bearing could that be a problem?

It’s your throw.

Yes,the best advice we can give you is to practice.

Or you could try konkaves

In my opinion, you shouldn’t depend on a KK bearing. It’s better to just work on your throw.

Agreed,KKs arent meant specificly so the yoyo wont tilt,more for unresponsiveness.

I don’t think you can rely on KKs when it comes to a bad throw. If you throw the yoyo in an angle, it will keep that angle while spinning. This kind of tilting is usually caused during the throw, not in the middle of the spin.

yeah i just tried tilting the yoyo on the throw with the kk in and one with the stock bearing and no difference it still has a tilt with the kk just work on your throw

Ohhhh…I thought he meant that his string was off so it tilted his yoyo…I dont know how tho lol… yea the kk won’t help if the yoyo itself is tilting, I have the same problem sometimes.

when i first had my yoyo it diddnt do this…ive watched it i throw a good strait throw, then it will start to tilt to one side…very frustrating

Work on your throw.

If you throw off-balance, there is a little trick that can help that. Go into a Trapeze and depending on which direction its tilting, pull the loop to one side, and the string to the other. It will tilt, and if it goes in the opposite direction, well… do it the other way. It will slow down the yoyo a little, but will help.