My DM is stressing me out!

I’m beginning to master some of the advanced tricks with my DM. I’m using them for a college demonstration speech tomorrow afternoon.

Here’s the dilemma. I dinged my DM on the ceiling working on my eli hops and now the yoyo keeps twisting to the left whenever I throw a trapeze. I’ve been throwing them straight for years and now I can’t throw a straight one to save my life. Is it possible to have altered the balance of the yoyo? It looks fine. Am I going crazy?

I also just purchased a Konkave and I’m contemplating whether or not I should purchase a new yoyo. What would you recommend since I’m going to retire my DM? (The bearing is size C for my DM as of now)


It might be the string. Usually hitting yoyos will just cause them to vibe, not tilt. How old is the string though, and have you done any modifying?

I change the string every few hours. I think I’ve changed it twice since the ding.

I’ve never modified it, I can’t afford to damage it. Perhaps after I get a new weapon I’ll mod my DM.

is the axel bent?

That’s what I was thinking. My bearing is also popping out a lot easier out whenever I unscrew my DM; I had to use pliers before. I know something is wrong with it because it’s veering to the side. I know this yoyo like the back of my hand; I’ve had it for a while.

Hmm. I don’t know what to tell you then. Sorry. Hopefully you’ll get the situation fixed in some way. :wink:

It’s either your nerves or just plainly your throw. there is absolutely nothing you could do to a yoyo to cause it to tile. The tilt is called precession. It happens when your yoyo string is on one side of the bearing. The kk may help but it will only be a band-aid to the problem. Your throw.

Nerves could be a possibility. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been practicing more than usual. It’s really irking me.

you know, I’ve heard that sometimes the the string is placed wrong in the konkave bearing
and that REALLY messes it up hope it helps :wink: