Yoyo keeps tilting

I used to think it was my technique, but I later realized that even if I threw the straightest throw possible, it would still turn to the right.

When ever I do 1a tricks I start facing forward, but the the yoyo begins to turn left, so I adjust my body to keep the string even with the yoyo. The yoyo does not tilt around the string, but around the vertical Y axis. By the time I preform my bind, my body is turned 90 degrees from where I started, the same thing happens when I record my yoyos spin time. Is this inevitable or do I just suck at yoyos?

With experience you will automatically start correcting it unconciouslly. Just keep practicing!

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Precession is the culprit. Happens to things that spin. :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, what kind of bearing do you have in your yoyo(s)?


This can make a huge difference!
I was having tilting issues with one of throws about a month ago…it had a flat bearing in it.
As suggested by someone on these forums, I switched that bearing out for a concave…and damn! Completely transformed the yo for me and made it one of my faves!!


This right here. Just throw your yoyo, don’t any tricks and just let it spin. It will start to turn on it’s own over time. Some yoyos do this harder than others, but they all do it.

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Can string tension be another culprit? I’d think a 90 degree change seems a bit extreme.

What yoyo are you using?

Could one of the response pads either be missing, or protruding slightly causing more friction on one side?

From my experienece its usually the throw so practice. That said i have one particular yoyo that no matter how many times i throw it or how hard, it always tilts i have no problem with any of my other throws.
Is there any way you could try someone elses?

after re-reading the original query cancel my above comment, as i totally misunderstood it.

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Honestly rereading your OP I’m not certain what you are saying. Tilting and turning are two different things. And your post says your yoyo turns right, then you say it turns left.

I just re-read his original post…and I too misunderstood it at first. I thought he was talking about normal tilt.

Note to self
“I must learn to engage my brain first” :smiley: