Yoyo spins to one side?

What’s it mean when a yoyo spins to one side? Is it the way I’m throwing or is it tech/mechanical?

It’s your throw


It’s called precession. All yoyos do it to some degree.


I’d say both.

There are a few things to consider about plane management:

  • Your initial throw (should be straight and clean). If it isn’t, the string will ride against the response wall in the gap, and cause the yoyo to spin out.

  • The position of your hands. Considering that you have both hands incorporated into a trick, you need to do whatever it takes to keep the string (in the gap) in the same general plane relative to the yoyo. If the string rides against the response wall for too long, it will cause the yoyo to tilt.

  • Some yoyos are more stable than others. Stable meaning that it resists tilting/spinning out of plane. Using a more stable yoyo can be nice when learning a new trick, or for powering through technical combos. Using a less stable yoyo can challenge you to clean up your executions.


Spins to one side; or tilts to one side?

I know you stated spins to one side. But sometimes people use one description yet mean ‘the other’.



I guess it it tilts to one side as it spins. And I’m guessing it’s because maybe my wrist isn’t completely straight? Like when bowling, my wrist can be turned wrong causing a crooked throw?

What kind of bearing are you using?

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@zslane looks like konkave


Whew, that gap shot tho… :heart_eyes:

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One drop benchmark O @smileypants707

Did you swap out the stock One Drop bearing? If not, then that’s a DS bearing which is flat.

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If it’s stock it’s is flat, but not DS
But, it doesn’t look flat. Not string centering but curved enough that precession shouldn’t be outrageous. It’s most likely the initial throw.
To the OP- to say “spinning to one side” would lead most people to believe that the issue is precession. You’d be able to identify this by the yoyo rotating on it’s vertical axis even if you let it hang at the end of the string. Your issue is probably tilt, and it’s probably caused entirely by your throw. Just gotta work on keeping it upright and vertical. It’s nothing to worry about, still happens to me sometimes, but you’ll eventually notice it less and less as you keep throwing


Dang it! You’re right. I always get them confused.

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Yep, that makes two of us. The concave/DS/rage/wrath is not perfectly organized in my memory bank

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How do I upload a video?? I recorded my throw.

@zslane it isn’t a flat bearing, I got these yoyos yesterday from BTS, and the guy said he changed the flat bearing and sent it to me in a baggy, this bearing has a centering groove.


Its spinning in this shot(fyi)