yoyo tilts as it slows down?

When I throw a breakaway and just let the yoyo hang, then at first it looks straight but then after several seconds it starts to tilt which of course slows it down. Why does that happen? I have no string tension. How can I fix that?

Yoyos tilt when they spin slowly.

Try throwing straighter and harder for longer spin times.

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I think you have this in the wrong order actually. you have it as, yoyo starts to tilt, which causes it to spin slowly, when in reality It’s, yoyo starts to spin slowly, which causes it to tilt.

Just work on your throw, and make sure It’s very hard and straight.

Out of curiosity, what yoyo are you using?

YYJ Classic

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When my throw is crooked, I just do 2-3 consecutive Eli Hops. I find that it straightens out the yoyo, even when the yoyo is slowing down.

Partially true but I have to disagree for the most. Yoyos tilt either when the string is not parallel with the yoyo gap or has tension, either causing precession.

It’s easy to fix, let’s say you’re right handed and now doing trapeze, if you move your right hand backward and left hand forward so that the string don’t go parallel with the gap of the yoyo, it will start tilting forward, if right hand goes forward and left hand backward it will start tilting backward. If the yoyo spins the opposite way, the opposite holds true.

This part gets kinda technical but I’ll try to explain it as simple as possible:
At quick glance it seems that when you “turn” the string left or right, the yoyo should’ve turned along with the string, instead of starting to tilt? it’s called precession. Basically, when you try to control the direction of the yoyo in certain way, the effect works 90 degrees turn later. In this case if you want to purposely tilt the yoyo forward, you have to “turn” the string to the right (left hand forward, right hand backward), then precession kicks in 90 degrees later so that instead of turning along the string, it tilts forward instead.

You don’t need to completely understand physics to be able to do this though. Once you’ve been playing for a while, you should be able to do it by feel, and it’s actually common to control the tilt while executing tricks, it’s as simple as riding a bike once you “get” it.