Yoyo spins to one side?


In that case twist your wrist slightly in the direction opposite the tilt. Keep adjusting your wrist until the tilt is gone.

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So this is called precession. All yoyos (and all things that spin for that matter) do this to a degree. YOU MAY THINK THAT IT IS BECAUSE OF HOW YOU THROW IT, OR HOW THE STRING IS TOUCHING THE SIDE WALL. This is NOT the case! It has NOTHING to do with your throw!

You may be thinking ok, this is still annoying how can I stop this? Haha, you can’t change the laws of physics silly, this is how your yoyo will play forever!


Good news is that there are ways to minimize, or more accurately disguise precession while doing string tricks. Try to make the yoyo stay in one plane when doing tricks. This will naturally guide the yoyo to play in the direction you want. You can also take the less fluid route, and manipulate the yoyo by moving your throwhand and non-throwhand perpendicular to the plane that the yoyo is doing tricks in.

Don’t listen to what other people say. This is the right answer.

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Ummm, NOPE, you are totally wrong.
It’s tilt due to his throw.

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That looked great!


Yeah, @jhb8426 is right. I think maybe you didn’t read the whole thread before replying (better here than WebMD, I guess), but if you read farther, and especially if look at the picture that was posted, it’s very obviously tilt that’s the issue here.
To expand for you, precession in the case of a yo-yo is caused by imbalances in gravitational torque on either side of the pivot point (string). As you have probably noticed, precession is noticed more with a flat bearing, and this is due to the string’s ability to slide easily to one side of the yo-yo. With a tilted yo-yo, regardless of the bearing, the string can still slide. This is why with tilt, you are basically guaranteed to have precession. A string centering bearing with a straight throw will greatly reduce the issue.
However, THIS issue, the one that was brought up originally, IS tilt and it IS caused by the initial throw.