hey, everytime im throwing my yoyo, after about 20 seconds of string tricks, it goes lopsided.
that never used to happen to me, and it isnt the yoyo, so do you guys know of anything that i could be doing wrong, or something i might need to practice? An help would be appreciated,

I’d say work on your throw

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You may be pulling a string against one of the sides of the yo while doing your tricks. This can cause the yo to tilt. With some experimentation you can do it intentionally to reverse the tilt and with practice you will be able to do those same tricks without needing to adjust. Good luck!


I’ve noticed that sometimes I try to push the yoyo faster that it wants to play and it results in some tilt. Try slowing down your play and see if it still happens. You can correct it with your string as you play also.


thank you! and just wondering, but any yoyos that find are really stable?

The Genesis is really stable. Try that

As far as stable yoyos, I find the most stable yoyos to be large diameter with beefy rims and a low wall. H-shape or v-shape.

ive heard that 888’s in general are really unstable

My '09 888x can get horrible vibe on a bad throw but in the other hand is butter smooth on a good throw. I haven’t had tilt issues with it. Probably the most stable I’ve owned which hasn’t been much but still I’ve played some high end YYF, CLYW, One Drops, and plenty plastics

Yes, there are some yoyos that are generally less stable than others, but mostly work on keeping your hands in line and not applying an uneven amount of force on different strings. Both of these can cause the yoyo to tilt. As said before, eventually adjusting tilt will become second nature and you won’t really need to consciously think about it.

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Where did you hear this? I have several and they all play great. Or “stable” if you prefer. :slight_smile:

i was reading a review by someone, he was reviewing the 0’9 888, and he said that he feels like all the 888’s he’s thrown have been very unstable, but i cant remember who it was

Stability doesn’t cure a bad throw.

so you never threw one yourself? I find that the 07 888 the best and very stable. 09’s are very stable, just heavy. 888 are the BOMB!

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ok, but no i have never thrown one

What? I’ve found my 888 to be THE most stable organic shaped throw…