Phenom or Trident?


I’ve been wondering what yoyo to get next. My choices have been narrowed down to the Phenom by YYJ and the Trident by C3.

Overall I want a pretty solid throw that can go at high speeds and handle just about anything besides grinds, because I already know the Phenom is bad at those based on reviews.

I can’t really give exact specs that would fit my preferences because specs never really decide how a yoyo will play or feel.

Any recommendation or maybe a pros vs cons type of list would help tremendously.


I ended up buying a trident back at worlds 2012 because it fit me so well. It’s not full size like most throws theses days and was very fast and stable in my mind. I personally didn’t see any flaws in it


The Phenom comes in different weights, so read the specs carefully and match that to the colorway you want. Just giving you a heads-up.

Of the two, I prefer the Phenom. I do have both. I won’t discount a yoyo just because it can’t grind. Well the Phenom can grind, but if you just want it to scoot across your arm or up your hand or something, it’s a great grinder, but sucks for everything else when it comes to grinds. The wide spike under the cap also interferes with finger spins, but the nub in the Trident does the same thing.

Both are solid V-shapes that are great for high-speed play, super stable and great horizontal beasts. The C3 has more variety due to the fact they are using splash colorways in different colors for various players(same model, just signature splashes). The Trident’s outer rim edge is softer, so longer playing sessions are nicer on the hands. The Phenom sounds like a spinning tin can since I think the yoyo might be hollow in some areas. Removing the caps from the Phenom reduces this a bit. The Phenom comes with a KK, the Trident with a flat bearing(if I recall correctly, I may be wrong).

The Phenom is a slightly older model, but certainly not out of date. The Trident is a new model, but misses marks for hitting modern competition style due to the center nub. As finger spins/gyro grinds are very popular, C3 missed the boat on this one, but offered many other models that do address this. Of course, the focus on competition is more on the horizontal play element, not too many finger grinds as those can be very high risk, perhaps too risky.

The C3 Trident is also I think around $40 LESS. I can’t lie, that can make or break decisions just there. C3’s price to performance is legendary. I may be buying many more C3 yoyos as well as I’ve played other stuff(pricier) and also enjoyed it way more than I expected. I won’t reveal my inside source, it might cause jealousy. I totally feel the Phenom is worth every penny paid for it(and you still get a bargain at that!!), but the Trident seems to be a better cost/performance value item. It performs on par with the Phenom, AC, Chief and others in that price bracket, but is significantly LOWER in cost.

The Phenom’s specs are 56mm diameter X 39.6mm wide with a 4.480mm gap
My Nickel/gold is 69.4 grams, my black/nickel is 65.4 grams BIG difference.
In general, fill sized, width on the narrower end of the spectrum, more than ample gap. Both are SPEEDY and feel super light on the string. I like the nickel/gold better, it just feels better to me. The black/nickel is also great, no issues or complaints about it in any way.

The Trident specs are 53.7mm diameter, 41.89mm wide, 4.3mm gap and 66.8 grams.
The specs put this at the upper end of the midsized spectrum. The width is wider in proportion to it’s diameter the Phenom, making it feel wider than it is, but overly wide.

Specs don’t tell the whole story. No argument. About all I find specs good for is cataloging in my database. I do admit I prefer full sized stuff over 67 grams and V-type shapes, but I’ll buy and play anything that I like, even if they don’t match any of my preferences. However, the Phenom is easily one of my favorite yoyos and I am biased towards it heavily. Hower, the Trident is a very amazing yoyo too and easily holds its own against anything.

The bottom line is that based on your requirements, it comes down to preferences based on diameter really. Both meet all your requirements easily.

If the price tag of the Phenom is too much, do consider the Triton and Next Level, which are both grinders and will handle all you want and then some, as well as being full metal. I am not recommending the Diamondback due to shape and the fact I don’t have one yet. I will get one soon. I have played a Diamondback, and I gotta say it was nice and I liked it a great deal. My next YYJ order will most likely be the SFX special edition, the SR-71 special edition and the Inspire as I’m aiming at lower-cost items to bulk up the box but not drain the bank account.

Another yoyo to consider might be the theory, however I found the grind rings to be a bit grippy. I think with practice, I can get my finger angle right so the yoyo doesn’t scoot over my arm!


Thanks a lot for the responces. Unless I can’t come up with enough money I’ll probably go with the Phenom due to the fact I already love the hybrid counterpart, the phenomizm, and it would be a nice upgrade.


You’ll notice significant performance differences between these two, but you’ll enjoy it then. I got the Phenom first(nickel/gold) then a blue Phenomizm later. You’re pretty much guaranteed enjoyment of the Phenom if this is how you’re making your decision. It’s a very logical upgrade path.

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Agreed. I just traded my izm because I always reach for the Phenom instead. It’s a very satisfying yoyo.