Thoughts on Phenomizm?

How is the Phenomizm from YoyoJam? Is it any good and is it worth it?

And it comes with a original kk bearing and designed by my favorite yoyoer !!!
Look sweet

I personally have never tried a Phenomizm, but I would recommend the Yoyorecreation Triad over it.
I have a Triad, and it’s a powerhouse. It was the gateway to my love for YYRs and Japanese yo-yos in general. I’d be using it right now if I had spare YYR-size pads :’(

speeder2 is generally better, although you may want to use shims with that thus giving it a higher chance to vibe.

is there such a thing as YYR-size pads

Never tried something, but saying something else is better…solid advice.

Phenomizm is beast.

well ive played with a phenomizm and found it a little cheap for the price it is… you could spend your money better.

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The Triad came out last year. The Phenomizm came out 5 years ago and appears cheaper in build quality (backed up by alecto). I also own a DM2, which feels like… well… exactly what it is. Plastic with metal rims.

On the other hand, the Triad feels like a metal. Solid build quality, superb engravings, minimal vibe… generally what you’d expect from a high end Japanese yo-yo company.

My own personal experiences with the companies and their products ultimately made me side with the Triad, although I have to admit that my argument is flawed because I never owned a Phenomizm, and because I compared a $45 yo-yo to a $75 one to form the basis of my argument :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the response you guys. I went ahead and bought a Next Level instead,,80545.msg922470.html#msg922470

A much better choice

Wasn’t a fan of the phenomizm but next level is a nice yoyo although a bit expensive even as a bimetal with some of the other choices available.

What you should actually do is just get a cheap metal from the BST since yoyos seem to be worthless nowadays anyways, and they all seem to play pretty good.

For the record, the Phenomizm’s I’ve played have been mad smooth and incredibly good at fast play.