trinity vs H3X vs phenom

Hello I was wondering which of these yoyoes are the best for master tricks like:white Buddha,ladder escape,yuki slack,ect ect. I am deciding if i should buy the Trinity,H3X or Phenom. please reply.thanks :slight_smile:

A YYF ONE can do master tricks…

Now, to your question. I haven’t tried a H3X or a Trinity, but the H3X is probably better. It’s the latest in Andre’s signature series, and it has a more modern shape then the Trinity. So, it’s probably H3X>Trinity.

I have tried the Phenom and it’s amazing. It’s ridiculously fast and it’s pretty stable. The H3X should be more laid back. So, do you want demon fast or relaxed pace?

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Wow,thanks I was wondering and I think I would like the phenom more.Thanks

These three yoyos are just so vastly different.

We have the speed demon Phenom, which has sharp-ish rims. On long sessions, it comes back hard and your hand kind gets sore. It’s stable and is like all catch zone. Doesn’t grind worth a crap for any grinds with or without caps. When spinning, it sounds like a spinning tin can. Remove the caps and it removes some of that can spinning sound(but I like the look of the caps in). It’s a beast at horizontal. Not ideal for those gyro finger spins with the caps out due to the spike. Be aware the different colors may be different weight, so know what you’re getting. I have 2 in different weights. I also want a blue and a blue acid washed one.

The H3X brings a DM2-inspired shape(what I call a D type shape) and completely modernizes it. The inside is redone to be compatible with horizontal play, grinds good for finger spins, grinds and IRG’s. I feel this plays with a bit of “authority”, which I don’t mind. It has a marked presence on the string while in the air to me, which I also like as I feel better connected to the yoyo as a result. The titanium weight ring sets off the colors. I wouldn’t mind getting 2 more. Red and blue!

The Trinity, I haven’t spent a lot of time with yet. It’s more than just a metal DM2, but you can start with that. As the DM2, despite it being a fantastic yoyo, is a bit dated. The shape is out of the modern competition trend. I managed to finally get one and I’m happy with it, but I feel in general, if it’s something you want, then go ahead and get it. It’s a great grinder, where-as the DM2 isn’t as good. No cap makes IRG’s easier. It’s still a great performer. Again, you can think of it as a DM2 but done in metal

Skip the Trinity.

Phenom or H3X. V shape or more H-type shape? Grinder or speed demon?

I really do like the H3X. The Phenom is one of my favorites. It does come down to preferences.

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If you had to pick one without getting to try any of them, the h3x would be the way to go. It’s a more all around player and excels at it.

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good,I was going to order the phenom but I think I have changed my mind.

What made you change your mind about the Phenom? I’m not trying to make you question your decision. I’m trying to see what items were brought up that made you sway your decision. It could help us really point you in the proper direction, which is probably the H3X at this point. I will agree with Waylon than the H3X is pretty much an all-around player and is an excellent choice.

I have all three. It’s a shame you’re not near the Sacramento, CA area. You could play all three and really figure it out. However, try before you buy isn’t a luxury most of us have.

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yeah I like alot of types of 1a and the phenom is better in side spinning but the H3X is better at all around. also I was wondering how long the phenom and h3x slept and am wondering if you know.thanks

Your favorite yoyo is the H3X and you’ve never even tried one?

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I find questions like “how long does it sleep” to be generally irrelevant to discussions. Any of the yoyos you mentioned will have ample spin time to get you through your combos with ease, provided you have a good throw of the yoyo in the first place.

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Ok, I was just wondering becuse my throw is not as strong as some peoples. :-[

It takes time to develop a good throw. More wrist snap!

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Is the Phenom good at slack? ???

I played all three. The best performing would be the H3X. If you’re looking for horizontals, The Phenom. The Trinity wasn’t great, but it’s just my preference. H3X is your best all around, slacks, grinds, and tech. If you’re looking for speed, horizontals, hops, and tech, you need the phenom

OK :smiley:

When did they start selling the Phenom?Was the H3X after or before? ???

The Phenom has been around since before 2011 is all I can say with authority. That yoyo has been on-sale in one form or another on YYE since before joined up.

The H3X came out in early 2013, I think in March. I had my pre-release one with me on my trip to Vietnam in end of March/Early April. The regular release I think was later in April or May.

Phenom and trinity are good and worth the money, but the H3X is fantastic!

Phenom released at Worlds 2010. H3X was much later.

your reccomendations always end up in me wanting all the yoyos you compare