YYJ HEX - Modern DM with Titanium rings

Is it strange the yyj came out with a ti right after yyf? They are both cool looking IMO!

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Just weigth irngs

The new Hex is coming out soon! Who is getting one? It is a modern shaped DM2 plastic with titanium rings.

I guess this is Andre Boulay’s 6th signature.

What’s next? A Trinity with plastic rims? A DM2 with magnesium rings?

it looks sick, i might have to get one because the dm2 was my first modern yoyo

I think a lot of us were wondering when the next Andre Boulay yoyo was going to come out!

I’m waiting to learn more about it, but certainly when I saw the news and saw the teaser image, I got a feeling of excitement!

Looks nice. May have to snag one.

Pure coincidence. A lot of companies are experimenting with Titanium. YYF certainly wasn’t the first to do so, either. Doesn’t YYJ already have a “titanium rings” model? So this isn’t even the first Titan…ium… model by them! clearly YYJ thought it was worth revisiting (and it probably was!).

Any thoughts?

Pretty sure it’s aluminum with titanium rings.

I was able to play a proto of this the other night for a bit and it plays great. It’s got the weight and excellent stability you would expect from an Andre` sig throw. I only threw it for a short period of time so that’s about all i remember from it… Cool throw though!!!

Looks sweet. I can’t wait to find out the specs.

Already a thread like this.

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I’m planning on buying it if it’s aluminum.

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On another note it looks really awesome. Been waiting for this for a while.

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Where did you find out about this?


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Technically, I started the thread 1 minute before you
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never mind, I just checked the blog section

It’s aluminum with the titanium weight rings. Also, have you guys seen the YoYoJam Captivate? I think it’s like a metal Fever.

I had the opportunity to play this and it is fantastic. The grooves seem endless and the contrasting colors are incredible.