Yoyojam XLR8


Anyone else see this? What are your thoughts? I think it looks pretty interesting, should make for a pretty unique player, though I doubt it will be very competition oriented.


Looks cool. I’d throw it.


Very interesting look. If it is priced right, I’ll probably get one.


Wow, this is the only YYJ I’m actually interested in. Looks promising.


Okay, does anybody else think that the Theory and Surge are kind of related? Like, with both of them kind of having the same type of video and a special event attached to them? That is how I think of them. Well, I think this is going to be in that little group. Which means I will probably get it, LOL. I want to see specs and a price though!


A metal body with plastic rims just doesn’t seem right to me.

(DOGS) #7

I’d buy this.


At Indiana states Andre said they where aiming for around a $30 price point


If this is true, I suddenly have a greater interest in this yoyo.


Very cool. Looks really interesting. I’d buy it. Just out of curiosity, has anything like this been done before? A metal body with plastic rims? I can’t think of anything like that other than this…


This yoyo is no surprise with the outbreak of awesome plastic yoyos lately…


The Werrd Split Decision series uses delrin rims



It’s a bit different. The Split Decision is a metal yoyo with removable plastic rim “extenders” (as I like to refer to them as). The XLR8 is a metal body with built-in plastic rims. They are different in the sense that the XLR8’s rims are a factor of the yoyo itself where as the Split-Decision’s can be used with or without.


YYJ’s hybrids really don’t get the attention they deserve. Seems people confuse hype with performance.

Personally, I’m super stoked to play with this yoyo at worlds. Might have to pick one up.


Most (all?) of the Henrys line.


Looks great, I wouldn’t pay over 40$ though


The Speed Dial does this. I am super interested in this yoyo, if anyone gets one at Worlds or something and wants to trade/sell it, hit me up.


I normally dont like yoyo jam buy this is an eye catcher. Ill consider the xlr8


I want a red one. Not a fan of the video though.


Also Werrd Split Decision