YoyoJam Revival


Super excited for this!


whoa cool looking throw.


Hmmm, they did have an article on it up on yoyonews, but I guess they’ve taken it down. It’s delrin with aluminium wrapped around the rims, which is a nifty idea. Credit where it’s due to yoyojam, at least they’re doing something different.

According to the previously posted stats, it’s 69g, which is fairly heavy, so I think that might put some people off. However, it was hinted that this may be on the mid/lower end of the price scale, which might encourage more sales.

Looks interesting enough at any rate, I’ll wait to see how much it costs.


It does not look like the aluminum is wrapped around the rims. The video I saw was a metal cap on a Delrin body. That is better than those cheesy plastic caps. Also, since Delrin needs to be machined like aluminum; this isn’t going to be a cheap throw.


Looks like a single piece of aluminum on each side to me. And while it might not be cheap, I doubt it would be particularly expensive either.
We’ll see! Only time will tell.


I’m purely going off what I read on the Yoyonews release. They made quite a point that the wrapping of the aluminium was something new and somewhat innovative, so I figured it must be more than just caps. Again, I’m just going off what little I remember about the original post so take it all with a pinch ‘o’ sodium chloride.

Also, it was implied that it would be at a reasonable price point. I guess exactly what that constitutes is a matter of opinion.

It’s a shame they took down the article on it. I guess they want to build the anticipation a bit more before handing out all the specs.


Beautiful 8)

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Last time yyj made hybrid from delrin it was Quest and it was selling for 125$.

Photo posted by Taka


Best YYJ I’ve ever played. Hands down


I will say that it is a very good looking throw.


With only the short video to go on I only can say that the Revival looks good and I wish good luck to YYJ when it finally is released.

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Thought I had read it was celcon, unless I’m mistaken. While remarkably similar to delrin, it can be molded.


Even the engravings look ok


Oooh das a cool looking Yoyo

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too expensive for me.


Perhaps it is molded celcon but passed through the machine for the final specs? What I mean is that it’s molded a noticeable bit bigger than the specs so that a lathe can finish them up with precision but less tool wear and time taken. Similar to the Rally I guess.


The revival or quest?

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They said (paraphrase)"…design a yoyo that performs like a metal for a fraction of the cost."

My prediction for price is 45-70 dollars