Any room for this old member in this community?

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Hi guys. Some of you might know me. Some of you might hate me from my old days of trolling up Yoyonation and some of you might remember my old writeup posts about dying plastic yo-yos and doing refinishing.

Anyhoo, I haven’t thrown a yo-yo in four years… until a week ago. I figured it was time to dust off the old case and give a few of my old throws a spin. I’ve got some old relics, man and I’m really wondering what’s changed since the little yo-yo revival we had back in the mid 2000’s.

Any new tech? New throws to get? What’s hype these days? What is Yuuki Spencer doing these days? Is Steve Brown still alive?

And really I just want to know if any of my old friends from YYN came here after it kicked the bucket. Lets catch up, shall we?

Give me the last four years of yo-yo history as you would tell it.


Low walled v-shaped bimetals are where its at for competition. Yoyoskills doesn’t exist anymore, neither does Spyy or Hspin. Some drama here and there as well.

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I heard about Yoyoskills, that’s dreadful. Spyy and Hspin dead? OH NO! They were two of my favorites. I hear Difeyo is pretty much at a standstill as well. Sucks considering my favorite throw is a Juggernaut.


V is what’s up.

Good to see you back IV.

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So I take it the new X-con Pro is pretty cool? I saw it and it looked awesome.

I also like the revival or however they spell it. It looks awesome as well. Yoyojam ftw.

Also, are kids still putting RTV silicone in their grooves or is there something new and better? I liked a little slippage, made the texture of the throw feel better to me.


YYJ’s plastic hybrids aren’t very popular right now, but the Revival is supposed to be pretty good.

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I really liked the New Breed when it came out. I figured they would build on that celcon design with the metal just heated over the edges rather than molded.

(Waylon) #8

If you want to be shocked, get a yyj Classic, put a good c bearing and pads in it, and go to town. One of the biggest things, I think, that’s happened in the last four years is the surge in budget priced yoyos that far exceed their cost versus performance expectations.


Eric Koloski’s new signature was the Diamondback which is also supposed to be quite good, but he plays on team YYF with superstars now.


I believe there is a post somewhere from a month ago where Zammy explained what happened in the last 8 years.

Maybe someone can use the power of search to find it?

im to tired… :frowning:

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You know I had this belief as well. Yoyojam were some of my favorite yoyos to throw not only because they were damn good but they had a personal quality to them. Hell, I used a Dark Magic for nearly two years exclusively.

The price vs performance thing is a bit out there but really it’s just like any other industry. People are paying for craftsmanship and pride. I understand it… but I’m just as happy throwing an Xcon as I am an 888.


Its weird seeing that comparison, both of those yoyos haven’t been relevant for a while.

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and yet I’m having a hard time telling the difference in their design compared to most of the newer, more expensive designs.

looks like high rim weight, poly string and silicone are still the past, present and future.


CLYW is the most hype now. (Though when wasn’t it.)
YYF is the brand all the kids go to when they start yoyoing.
YYJ is more chill in sales now, sad to say.

Some new yoyo companies too.

YYR released a new plastic, you should definitely check that out.


Nice to see you on IV

Top throw on the market is the bimetal draupnir with steel rims just to let you know


XLR8 is awesome and a blast to play, not very stable tho.

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OH so that’s what you guys mean by bimetal or hybrids? That’s rad. $250 seems reasonable. I bet getting the steel to sync up with the aluminum without much vibe is a bitch.


No moar Yuuki Spencer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought I’d throw that in…

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Just when I quit I think I heard that him and a few other of the old pro players apparently went insane and went somewhere to do some sort of art or something.

Jensen Kimmit, too. (two t’s, I dunno?).

Apparently art and rap music ruins yo-yo careers.


Good to hear from you IV. I’m pretty sure you dyed this for me years ago. by lj_vegabomb, on Flickr