Back from break, what's new?

Hey, I just got back into yoyo ing after I picked up my good ol’ hatrick. So what’s new in the yoyo world? The last time threw a yoyo was back when the battosai came out lol :P. anyways, I want to know whats up in the community, any suggestion on whats the best in the new yoyos would be great too! My wallet has missed the taste of a fresh yoyo! ;D my collection as of today would be a grind machine 2, Ilyy void, hspin Envy, a hatrick, a prototype essence, and a genesis.

Edit: yoyos I’ve owned in the past.
3yo3 bassline
One Drop 54
Clyw Avalanche
Clyw Gnarwhal
Clyw wooly marmot
Northern spin co. Aurora
YYF 888
YYR Dreadnaught
ILYY Lyr proto
VsNYYC skywalker

  1. Vs. Newton YoYo Concepts and hSPIN are both done.
  2. Mickey (Hiroyuki Suzuki) won worlds… again, it’s his 4th first place title.
  3. Yuuki Spencer and Augie Fash have left YYF. Augie is now on C3yoyodesign, Yuuki is currently unsponsored, most likely by choice.
  4. Zammy Ickler has left One Drop, and seems to be repping YYF quite a bit recently, although is not sponsored by them. (Yet?)
  5. CLYW seems to be the company that is on top. Everybody wants their yoyos, and not to mention, their contest team seems to be quickly eclipsing YYF’s.
  6. Most popular yoyos as of right now are as follows:
    CLYW & OD Summit (A collaboration between One Drop and CLYW, most successful yoyo collab of all time)
    CLYW Chief, Arctic Circle, Avalanche, and Puffin
    OD Code 2 and Cascade
    General Yo Model 10 and Majesty
    YYF Delrin Severe, Supernova
    YYJ Theory and Classic

Hope this helped you find your way a little.

Josh quit the forums.

also Hspin is gone as well

One drop made a axle system that can change the weight of the overall yoyo(one drop side effects)

Vs newton is done? Oh noes!!! I loved the skywalker :’( man clyw is still going strong eh, might need to pick up one. Do you suggest I get the puffin? My favorite back then was the wooly marmot. Although it was a little undersized for my tastes.

Edit: Hspin as well! What’s happening! The pyro and envy were some of my all time favs.

Anti-yo is back

HSpin is gone.

OD got crazy with Side Effects.

Tons of good plastics.

YYRs are plentiful.

Edited original post with additional information.

Rex rev made a axel system to rival one drops side effects, c3 is going in with the big dogs, yyr is way too exspensive, clyw is makeing a plastic yoyo called the yeti and one drop is also makeing a plastic called the relic and v-shapes and h-shapes are the more dominant shapes.

Jensen’s back on CLYW. Though, if i understand it right, more as an employee than a sponsored player.
CLYW’s sponsored loads of players. Lets just say some better than others :slight_smile: Both CLYW and OD are in the process of releasing their first plastics.
Duncan’s released their first high performance metal, the Barracuda.

I saw the guy online yesterday.

Don’t get the Puffin. Get the new avalanche, the BvM2, AC or Chief. If you HAVE to go with CLYW. I would try one of Recrevs new throws.

get a Quantum by Northern Spin, and be ready for the Rally - One Drop.

Vs Newton was for the better you might want to find something on that.

Oh my, never though Heath could do something like that, he seemed like such a nice guy :-, says alot about human nature doe sadly… On a brighter note I just picked up a general yo Majesty! ;D. Any suggestions for my second purchase? Looking at the CLYW puffin or the Anti Yo bapezilla 2.

Edit: I’ve added yoyos I’ve previously owned in order to help you guys suggest.

I suggest a Chief. Great yoyo and easy to find on the bst.

He stays online for a reason. PM me if u want to be enlightened.

Look at his BST, it says:

“Im not frikin back so dont go frikin out”

He is taking a break. No longer posting

Biser Lukich seems to be the coolest yoyo player,…

IN THE WHOLE DANG FRINKIN UNIVERSE! ;D :slight_smile: check the kid out, you have not lived until you’ve seem his videos!

YYR released a bimetal yoyo called the Draupnir and are about to release a titanium called the Dazzler, nothing else matters. And are currently blowing out their older models for insane prices… so if you’re looking for a good deal on a new throw, look their way.

$75-$145 for 7075 yoyos made in Japan is expensive? Gosh i’d hate to hear what you thought of CLYW’s prices.

YYN got robbed/scammed by a couple of urban youth over the course of a few months and it ended up leading to their downfall.

Robbed and scammed, and a dude i know boug the other half of the inventory, thats right. TONS of jos

Just because they were 74$ for one day doesnt mean that is their price. Also some people think japan made is something that puts the price down, not brings it up. Not to mention there are plenty of 7075 yoyos that have been under 100$ for years.