Fill me in!

Well I’ve been gone from the yoyo community for quite some time and I’ve recently been hitting the game hard again, so I’m curious as to what’s happened in the yoyo community for the past year and a half. What’s been going on?


yeah CLYW has some crazy throws, did a huge colab with One Drop to make the hype machine the summit. and Jensen came back and is working for CLYW with the super competition team.

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Charles Haycock’s voice has mesmerized the community.

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That and yoyonews ripped off yoyoskills.

Well the best two yoyos ever to be made were released, the majesty and model 10, thought I am guessing due to your location and past sponsorship, you know this.

Well other then the world falling apart with your absence.

C3 (Augie Fash is on their team)

Duncan’s doing more sili yoyos

Vs. Newton died.

Elephark’s on Werrd.

And Worlds is moving next year. (Or so I hear.)

CLYW is probably one of the most hyped and popular yoyo maker right now. Mickey won worlds AGAIN. Vs. Newton doesn’t exist anymore due to a big scandal that we don’t like to talk about. A group called the International YoYo Federation (IYYF) formed and took control of Worlds at the beginning of this year; the contest will now be traveling around the world, with this year being the last time it will be in the US for a while.

You read too much True Throw.:smile:

You read too much True Throw.:smile:

Oh and I think it was last july or so, but yyn is gone. Forever.

Oops, didn’t mean to double post.

Yoyoing has its ups and downs

Tried to throw a yoyo away, kept coming back.

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Lol you guys are great.

So Jensen’s competing again?

What do you mean?

Why’d Augie leave YYF? Also what happened to VsNYYC?

What happened to the guy/crew that originally ran Worlds? And how’d CLYW get on top?

Why’d YYN die off?

yyn was robbed

vs. newton’s owner scammed a lot of people from a charity event or something along those lines

jensen is competing, but mostly just working for clyw

YoYoNews did not rip off YoYoSkills. It’s just two news sites. It’s all good. Back off the True Throw for a while RGTproyoyo.

Augie just decided to leave as far as we know. He also quit yoyoing all together for a while. Not long ago though, he announced he was back in it and on C3. Not many details for it, that I’ve heard at least.

What’s True Throw?

I’m not sure either

A tumblr designed on rants. Basically, they complain about everything, though they can be funny sometimes.