Returning to yoyoing after 5 years of complete inactivity

So, I managed to pick up my old YYF Lunatic, fixed the bearing, there was something jammed in it, and I was pleasantly surprised that I still had my old moves from middle school (well, some of 'em)

Anyways, I used to be really into the community and all the new things that were happening, but I kinda dropped out after losing my entire collection.

what I want to know is what’s happened in the past five years? I’d like to become a little more up to date with the yoyoing world? I know YYN fell, and that broke my heart a little bit, but other than that what else has been happening?

Clyw is really popular and nobody likes 888s.

Really, the only thing you’ve missed is a crap-ton of yoyos being released. Maybe a bit of drama here and there. Undersized yoyos are not hot anymore.

I came back after a seven year hiatus recently. The first new yoyo I got was an Auldey Ares Star and my old go-to yoyo was a SPYY Radian MK II which I considered excellent. I was totally blown away by the progress that’s been made. The Ares Star was miles ahead of the Radian MK II, and almost any modern yoyo is a huge improvement. Gone are the small organic shape yoyos with bad response pads. Yoyo designs are becoming much more sophisticated and talent level is skyrocketing as people learn new tricks.

You’ve missed a flowering of new yoyo companies lol.

seems like a lot of members throwing them…

It shows how long I’ve been yoyoing that I actually recognize you’re username haha.

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Seems like a lot of people are getting back into yo-yoing after a long break - I wonder what’s sparking the sudden change.

This happens at different times of year, every year.

I like 888s…

Me too

thanks guys, I actually thought up of a few questions

Are small bearing throws (that aren’t Duncan) becoming pretty much non-existent? when I use to throw, producers would always pop out a small bearing rock every now and then, but, looking through many stores, it seems that no one carries any small bearing yoyos except for the occasional YYF.

Alchemy strings, when did they stop being a thing? also, what are some strings that are similar, are Kitty nylons a good replacement for them?

YYN Highlights, I remember those were THE string to use (excluding g-strings) did those drop in popularity with YYN or were people still raving about them afterwards?

what are some of the newer yoyos that have become popular and more well-known? I’ve noticed One-Drop and CLYW have become pretty big names and that they have started popping out new models quite often recently.

back at YYN? yeah that was so long ago. I hope to god that the person who has all that data is able to put up an archive of some sort.

Yeah for some reason C-sized bearings have taken over the market. There are a few random yoyos using D-size like the Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MK II, but there aren’t many.

I missed the transition during my hiatus as well as the explanation for the move to C-size bearings.

Im not exactly sure why so many companies use C sized bearings to be completely honest. Id like to see more D sized throws.

The majority of the screaming eagle Duncan’s are small bearing.

The yoyorecreation six was said to be the best small bearing throw ever by some.

Square Wheels has released 1 maybe 2 small bearing yoyos.

The movement from A size bearings to C size bearings can be largley attributed to the shift in play style

The conversion from tech tricks like ladder escape to slack tricks that most modern players use today (Ayumu, Zach, even Gentry recently) this transition meant the use of “fatter” string and the need for less response to achieve the type of play necessary for new style tricks

In short new types of tricks means new types of yoyos and bearings

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i like 888’s

CLYW is as popular as 888’s were and hubstacks are as unpopular as they were popular 5 years ago.

YYF is kinda turning into a budget company, still have some throws over $100 but new throws like the Shutter are $45, which is refreshing compared to the $120 G5’s back in the day.

CLYW is still the company that people dont mind spending 130-170 on new. I think the Confetti Cliff was $175 actually…

Edit: Even Duncan has moved to size C bearings, “small bearings” are now pretty much D sized, cant think of anything with an A sized bearing since the YYF fundametals that were extremely popular… besides old duncans that is… But even new Duncans use C bearings now too!

So you quit roughly around the time of 2009? Here is a list of ideas to share with you.

-Onedrop produced the “Side effect” which is a type of weight system that you can adjust on the fly via different shaped side effects.

-Onedrop has made two community based yoyos called the Code1 and Code2. 1st time was via the Yoyonation forum and the second was via a contest of yoyoers designing their own yoyo.

-Onedrop started to produce yoyos for other companies, notably Gsquared, CLYW, Anti-yo and others.

-Many new companies have cropped up since 2009 and also some companies are no longer existant. Recent company SPPYand HSPIN is no longer around. Some new companies that have popped up are: Square Wheels, Gsquared, Eternal Throw, Deadly Spins, and many others.

-Duncan started to produce premium metal yoyos in a project called the “Screaming Eagle” which allowed for more premium metal throws. The project allows for other people to design yoyos for it.

-Duncan also started to expand their “Deluxxe” series of yoyos via budget metal yoyos. Notably The Raptor.

-Duncan has been starting to use size C bearings and silicone groove pads instead of their wider duncan friction/silicone sticker pads.

-Jensen Kimmit moved from CLYW to Yoyofactory and went on a dominate forcing winning contests until worlds 2010 where he won the 1a division. During that year he also left Yoyofactory and sort of went into seclusion. He returned back to CLWY in 2011 where he did a 1a freestyle but told the crowd to silence and he only did the freestyle to 2 minutes and 30 seconds instead of the full 3 minutes.

-Yoyofactory has made some controversial yoyos such as the YYF Replay, which was a white plastic yoyo that had the shape similar to the G5. However, there was an undercut and in it was aluminum rings to weight it. The design was very similar to the yoyo known as “The Muffin Top” made by Russ Andert. Another controversial design was the Avande Garde which also housed a Undercut.

-Ex Duncan players Ronchan and Simpson Wong, along with Walter to create their own yoyo company known as C3yoyodesign

-While a part of Yoyofactory, Jensen Kimmit debuted a new yoyo style known as “Tourniquit” which required two strings put together and the slipknot worn on the upper part of your arm.

-When Jensen left yoyofactory, him and others created the little scrappy fetus crew, a yoyo group that had shown a twist on art, yoyoing, videos and others. Jensen also used it as his own personal yoyo blog, to which he had unveiled many secrets that were not known to the public yoyo community. That was a drama fest by large.

-MANY boutquie string companies have sprouted up, notably Toxic String, Twisted String, Big Yoyo string and many others. Each company has their own unique “twist” on string with many different colors and types.

-“Innovation Movement” is an idea created by Isaac Sam and Zach Gormley to which is the idea of pushing more innovative play for yoyoing via videos. Top teir players have been included in their “movement” as well. All their videos are professionally made and top of the line editing.

-Yoyoskills/Singapore Yoyoing yoyoblogs are no longer active. Yoyonews is now the main active U.S/International yoyo blog to look to for the latest in news.

-Many top talented competitors have switched company sponsorships. An example would be Sebastian Brock whom went from CLYW to SPPY to now Duncan.

-In a controversial move, CLYW heightened their prices of their models starting with the Canvas/Cheif to higher prices due to the scalping of CLYW Peaks in the BST. This is a way to supposedly fight that issue.

-Two new U.S based yoyo stores have opened up. One is owned by Johnnie Devalle and the other is owned by Tony Alonso. I am not allowed to say the names of said stores due to this forum attached to Yoyoexpert.

-Clyw is now essentially one of the most popular brands in terms of popularity.

-in 2009, David Ung released a clip video called “Your Future’s With Us” which was superbly edited and featured HD quality. This video alone lead the wave of video makers to start doing HD quality videos and better focus on editing.

-in 2010/11 Steve Brown created the “365days” yoyo tricks project. Each day he would record a new trick. This project led on to having other players involved.

-Yoyofactory not sponsoring the World Yoyo Contest due to the 5a patent issue. They didn’t sponsor contests with counterweight divisions either. However, they supported the yoyo world via other means.

-The World Yoyocontest location is now going to be located around the world instead of just at Orlando. This was done via the new International Yoyo Fedderation, which was created in part for Worlds moving to different countries.

-The United States National Yoyo League now has it so you have to pay a certain fee in order to compete in Regional Yoyo Contests and National contest. This helps with the overall community/contest set up and other things.

-fixed axle play has been on the rise of popularity due to in part of Drewtetz and Ed Haponik pushing the very fun style. A Yoyo company from Oregon, TMBR, makes beautiful wooden based yoyos that people love to play fixed axle with.

-Two heavily favored companies Onedrop and CLYW collaborated once again last year to develop the
“Summit” which is a Avalanche x Cascade like yoyo. They also made a documentary of the process.

-Onedrop and CLYW also released their own plastic yoyo models the “Rally” and "Yeti.

-Ky Zizan debuted his “Double Dragon” yoyo style in 2013. This style uses one yoyo with two strings, each connected to the yoyo and the players hands.

-Yoyofactory has been trying to revive the 2a division sponsoring top 2a players and doing recent 2a products such as the loop 1080

-A new trend now is to post your tricks via instragram with the hastag “Trickcircle”. Yoyonews will sometimes due a round up of the week of the best tricks available.

These are random things that have popped up in my head. Figured I’d fill ya in,