Hello folks! And fellow YO Freaks! I broke down and got another YO this weekend, but ONLY because the price was right. I could not help myself this time hehe. I am a sucker for BLACK Yoyos.
I am pleased to make commentary on the Recreational Revolution Sharp Yoyo. And This one is Black of course!
First it is a Full Size Throw:
Diameter: 56mm or 2 ¼ inches
Width: 42mm or 1 5/8 th inches
Gap: 5 mm
Weight 69 grams
Response: hat pads
(Short Review in Blue followed by the long version)

Awesome throw! Great balance and solid feel throughout, does not tilt, wide gap, no drag resistance noticeable, and is pleasantly a quiet player.

Very Floaty, smoooth smooth player with hardly any vibe at all. It offers super long sleepers (longest sleepers of all my throws out of the box). This throw also plays equally as well as the spyy pro, supra, ST quark, singularity, yyf 888, yyf chaotic, and yyf protostar.

t has an Awesome bead blast surface providing Super Super finger, arm and palm grinds, but NO IRG grinds though. It just flies right off your thumb.

Tight binds, easy catches, fast or slow on the string and cool looks.

This is a very affordable all aluminum throw. I’d put it up against any full size throw out there. You can’t go wrong with the Rec Rev Sharp if you decide to get it.

I LOVE the look and feel of this throw, yes sir feelin the LOVE. It’s solid and heavy.
There is a white version but this one was my choice. It was like the lady of the lake, I just kept staring at it and it said, “Coooome to the dark side” hehe
The finish is a matte bead blast. It has a superb feel to it. Super super smooth. It rivals the yoyo factory blast on my chaotic as an example.

The design is really simple and basic, plain even, but I have always loved the minimalist approach to design anyway. The outer halves of the yoyo look as they have been perfectly sliced. It’s so so smooth everywhere you handle it. And when you throw it, you can’t tell it’s even spinning. It just looks like a black hole floating about in space. So so cool. People say, dude, is that spinning?

The performance is really something to appreciate. This is my heaviest yoyo so far. And when you throw it, you feel it too. Tension all the way through. If anyone here likes to fish, you know how it feels when u cast the line into the air and into the water??? That’s what this feels like and when it lands it’s like a soft solid plunge.

You wanna talk momentum?? This has it, like a freight train, Out of the box it is has super long sleeps. It blows away everything in my collection in this regard. Some people may play it and say, its too heavy. But the thing here is, you don’t have to throw as much and, AND when you are learning a new trick especially more complex ones like master level, you won’t need to worry about spin time or having the thing tip over. And it Floats, believe it or not, very floaty. Hardly ANY VIBE at all even on a hard throw! And this thing moves air too. You’re playing and when it passes you, you can feel a breeze and even air drag. Hehe

Another tid bit, having this yoyo to practice with is great because when you get a trick down with it and then go play something lighter your play is gonna be even faster and your gonna fly through it.
Binds are real tight too with a soft landing on the return which is very nice.
Balance, this thing has great balance even with the stock flat bearing that I always gripe about, but that is because of it’s weight momentum.

The gap wall is low, maybe only 1/8th of an inch of wall starting right after the hat pads end. For a traditional butterfly shape, this one has plenty of gap and super easy catches and thanks to the low wall, there is no string friction.

Grinding is very very good, but it only does finger, palm and arm grinds, NO thumb grinds. What’s interesting here is that you don’t really feel the spin on the grind like other throws, just feel the weight. I can feel all my throws spin on the grind, naturally, but this one just kind of sits there and is hard to feel the spin. Really impressive!

If you like heavier metal throws, and for the price, look at Rec Rev, they are simply awesome. It just goes to show how much mark up there is behind many brands. You could get two RecRevs for one expensive brand and have awesome, awesome play.
I also threw their white delrin paper mache. It too is a great throw, solid white minimalist look. And the grinds of that delrin are smokin! (Rivals the metals that is for sure.) Better than the Duncan Freebird in my opinion.

Well that wraps up this commentary, if you decide to get the Sharp, I am sure you will love it. If I missed anything, just ask.

Thanks or stopping by.

nice review.
great read, nice description, though i think it can be more arranged. :wink:
i might pick something from rec rev next time.

Where did you get it? :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought it from a friend who got it as a sample, literally had to beg.

Have you had any issues with the threads on your sharp yoyo? just wondering because the one i got there was threads come out the first time i took it apart. For the bit i got to play i really enjoyed the shape and feel.

Hello hello,

I have taken my Sharp apart only twice thus far and have had no issues at all. I did notice however that the axle goes in really tight though, as opposed to the yyf, or spyy axles that easily screw in. This one feels like your squeezing it through, but after seeing how small the axle is, I can understand why.

I had thought about buying another rec rev, like the carbon or electric daisy. I wonder if there are quality control issues? Anyone else have issues with rec rev???

I too, am a sucker for black yoyos. I purchased the sharp here at expert last week. The grinding is outstanding,the weight supplies an extended spin. The only thing is on a bad throw the weight will cause a dramatic tilt. I think I’m going to switch to a konkave or center trac bearing. otherwise great throw and I really like the plastic case that came with it.

It shouldn’t tilt. That’s just your throw. I’ve thrown an Electric Daisy, the smaller version of this, and not tilt at all.

Hehe, yeppers BLACK YOYOS RULE! So far I’ve only been able to get two, the Sharp and the 2011 888x. I almost broke down yesterday to buy a Black Genesis plus, but I have a Yuuksta and I was not sure if I should get relatively the same shape again. But maybe, maybe. Incidentally Most of my guitars are black too! hehe.

I have not tried the Sharp out with a KK yet. The sheer momentum on it seems to make the flat bearing hold its own. I’m 6 feet 3 inches tall, and when I throw this beast down towards my shoes, I get a breeze kicked back up to my face! hehe for real. But I might switch out the flat bearing to see the effect though since today was bearing cleaning day so Maybe I’ll get to it.

I like the case too.

Stay cool!

I was wondering about the Electric Daisy… have you done a review on it?? If not maybe you could do one some time. I’ve been thinking of getting another Rec Rev at some point, something smaller than the Sharp would be nice. Maybe this Electric is a good choice I don’t know.

I stripped my axle hole on mine. I had it for 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue: Never got to a review.

That is Major and Profound suckage… a stripped axle hole…hmmm And the other guy said some of the threads had come out of his. Perhaps this is a low grade aluminum stock, I don’t know. I know that typical aluminum round stock is 6061, 7075, 2024 etc. But I don’t know all the applications or the integrity/ density each one has, nor what yo manufacturers are using except when they tout high grade aircraft aluminum. I remember when I took the sharp apart the first time, and put it back together, I was not sure the first time screwing it in because it just did not feel right so I did it again super carefully because I was afraid of stripping it.

The thing is, I was sooo impressed with the precision of this cut one day when I flicked the edge of the sharp and it rang out like a high pitched tuning fork. And none of my other yoyos does this. A friend thought it was a bell and I said, no its the yoyo. So go figure…

well its good to know i wasnt the only with a stripped axle hole. i think part of the problem is how much pressure the threads take. when the yoyo is tight there are so little of threads taking the pressure which causes them to strip out. Yes it may be the type of aluminum used also but i think the low count of threads has to do with the stripping.

Has anybody modded this yoyo yet? I am currently looking into drilling out the holes straight through. Then replacing the axle with a longer one. It would be set up kinda how the DV888 axle is set up. The sharp is a great yoyo. The shape and machining of it was done nicely. They messed up the thread design. It was a good thought to have a short axle but it may have been too short.

Wow I was thinking of picking one up soon. Maybe not…

I’d be curious to know if anyone’s modded theirs too. I’m too chicken to do it. hehe.

I haven’t had any problems with mine as of yet. I really like it.

i love both of mine!never had any axle problems. i liked it so well in fact i bought a white one too

Nice review, thanks!

I have recently become a big fan of RecRev. I got a No. 9 last month and was really impressed. The shape is not what typically I am most comfortable throwing (my small hands+big rims on a yo-yo=somewhat cumbersome play at first) but I was impressed. It is so smooth and has the same quality of a much more expensive yo-yo. The color is a bright aqua that looks great and I throw it all the time, even though it’s not exactly in my comfort zone, it’s a great yo-yo. The only thing I the concerns me slightly is when screwing and unscrewing it is not smooth. It’s kinda jerky and I’m not sure why that would be.

Last week I got an “i” on the cheap (it’s rather battered). I pretty much only picked it up because of the price and because I liked the No. 9 and was curious to try more from RecRev. The i is a more simple, smaller yo-yo that is really comfortable in my hand. I LOVE it. It plays amazingly. Period. One of my new top throws. Grinds are awesome, the finish is very nice and smooth. It plays pretty light and fast and just has a good feel. However towards the end of my first day it did unscrew on me. This is not normally something I would really fault a yo-yo for, I’ve had several of my throws try to unscrew during play, it just happens from time to time. This was different though. I did some bind from a plastic whip and when the yo-yo came back to my hand it blew in half. Since coming apart during play is how the yo-yo got it’s scars from the previous owner it is something I’m a little concerned with so I check it all the time when I’m throwing it. But I do still throw it all the time, because it’s that good.

All in all I am now a big fan of RecRev and will definitely get some more of their yo-yos in the future. :slight_smile:

Excellent Commentary. I love Rec Rev as well! I echo your sentiments about unscrewing the yoyo. I only did it once though and would not try it again. Thanks for the informative post!