Has anyone thrown a RecRev SHARP? is it a good throw? i dont want a full review, just the important things. things like “great for the price” or “i would recommend this to anyone”. please help me!


If you like heavy then it’s great.


Short and sweet, I do not recomend it at all, it would not even handle a bearing change…I put in a new bearing and the bearing seat was too small (not where the beaing sits exactly but wher the outer dieameter is close to the lip of the bearing seat). It hugged the bearing and made it impossible to spin so I sent it back the next day and got something that I can not remember (think it was my genesis) and loved it. Yes it was a c size bearing and it just didnt take it.


I have one, but it’s waiting to come back to be from being modified. I also have a feeling that the person doing my mods also thoroughly played with it and if he found a problem, chances are he fixed it. I didn’t play mine much before sending it off for mods. I didn’t like the response system so I wanted a silicone recess cut into it instead of the thin hat pads, which didn’t fit very well in there. Notice the sides are flat? Yeah, there’s no spike in there to hold the axle. As a result, this yoyo has a very short axle.

I didn’t try swapping bearings, but I think it takes a standard C bearing.

Of what I recall, it was heavy, but I like heavy. I also recall liking it. It felt good in my hand, solid, and yes heavy, but even my Northstar feels heavier on the string but it is lighter in weight. Personally, I can’t wait to get it back.


thanks for the input guys


Slightly bigger and definitely heavier than I prefer. I’m fine with 70oz yoyos but this played heavier than it actually was to me.


I think this is a tad heavier than 70 grams. But it’s also a “non-nonsense” yoyo. It was definitely build for long spins, stability and tons of string layers. I can’t wait to play mine again. Any day now!

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I just got it. At first it felt like a rock at the end of the string, but it started to feel better as I played it (I generally use lighter throws for 1A). It is the perfect size for me (not weight). The white powder coat finish has a few flaws and doesn’t grind (when I played a black one, I didn’t test grinds).
It is well worth the value, and I would recommend it.


I have thrown one once but it was pretty good but i have heard good and bad things about but I would go for it.


It’s so SHARP. it just CUTS through the air. CHOPsticks are so much fun…