Please someone, shine alittle light here...

i just received my RecRev Sharp in the mail today. I’ve been meaning to try them out since their No.9 came out, but thats besides the point.

When i first unboxed it i noticed that the hat pads had looked like a 5 year old had put them on.
The bearing also had a rust spot on it and was pre de-shielded, not that big of an issue as i always swap out my bearing for a center track.
Oh wait, when i did that it locked the bearing up and played like a Duncan butterfly…

Overall this is Unbelievable to my standard of yoyos. I understand that it was only $60 so its not top notch, but my Small bearing Hectic, thats been dinged more times than a church bell looks better.

So i guess i want to know, what do i do with this thing?

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put a different bearing in it besides the center track and silicone it with the silicone of your choice.

Well not sure if the Rec Rev takes a metric bearing but if it does then that may be why it locked up your C bearing. Also that rust spot may be nothing. Play it with the stock bearing. Also those pads are put in by hand. after doing 100 or so it might get tiring. And I bet it won’t affect play either. Give the stock yoyo a chance before you start bashing it.


Why give this kind of post any play at all ?
You bought a brand new yoyo that you are not happy about ? Is that right ?
So contact the company who sold you the yoyo, not the community forum sponsored by said company. You have to actually email someone in sales, someone connected with the store.
And Sharp takes a C bearing.

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But how does it play with the stock bearing in it?

I love mine, not as good as my avalanche, but awesome none the less. The hat pads arn’t the greatest and wear out rather quickly, but they’re easy to replace. This yoyo doesn’t take silicone very well. The thing that concerns me is the bearing; Mine did not come de-shielded.

But try it with the original bearing, I throw mine all the time.