Yoyofactory replay (not impressed)

I am not impressed with my new yoyofactory replay. I am new to yoyos of course but this yoyo imo I wish I could return.

This yoyo vibrates so bad and is unstable no matter how loose to tight or how straight I throw it. I even took the caps out and still can’t get any smoothness from it.

I understand plastics vibrates little but this is extreme.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the bearing seems cheap. Does not sleep long at all and does seem fast even after oiling it.

I’m wondering if the bearing could be the sole issue for the vibration? I’m worried since tho yoyo was only 15.00 I’m stuck with a yoyo that’s not performing as it should.

I went to Walmart and picked up a 7.00 duncan limelight and im more happy with that then replay. Far smoother.

I ordered 2 new yoyos this morning a pivot and a aluminum dream.

Solid choices on the pivot and dream. The bearings on the replay seem to have some issues had one lock up. Fortunately it’s a easy thing to fix


I talked with yoyoexpert and they are telling me it’s more then likely the pads since they are thick.

I’m going to take the pads put when I get home and throw it and see if the vibe stops.

He told me to install thin pads

Keep in mind if you remove the pads it won’t return. Some response is needed to make a yoyo return. So just be prepared for that.

I was only going to take off the pads to see if it is smoother down and at sleep. If it is the thick pads causing the vibe then I’ll order some thin ones

Hmm sorry you are having trouble with it. One tip I have is that “oiling” the bearing is not going to make it spin any better or faster. It will actually make is spin less and slower. Try cleaning it out and it should spin much better. After it’s cleaned if you want to lube it at all use it very sparingly. 1-2 drops of thick lube or baby oil for more response or 1 tiny drop of thin lube to make it quieter for long spins and less response. again it won’t spin longer with the thin lube just slightly quieter.

Yoyofactory said I can ship it back to them and they will check it out for me. I’m going to see if I can ship it back for a couple bucks. Going to wait till my pivot and dream come on Saturday. Then ship there play to them

Im glad it sounds like things are working out! I hope you like the yoyos!

How did you remove the caps? The axle bolt is typically locked in place with a glue/plastic and if you break it free it can easily cause some vibe that you described.

The thicker pads will also cause what feels like a string vibe since the string rubs on them more, but they are designed to make it easier for the yo-yo to return if you are learning. And as mentioned, oiling or lubing the bearing will slow it down and give you worse spin times, but it shouldn’t cause any vibe.

Did you purchase it from us or directly from YoYoFactory? If you got it from us I would be more than happy to take a look at it for you. We don’t want you to feel like you are ‘stuck’ with a yo-yo or unhappy with a purchase.

Caps easily removed using suction cup. Yes the axle bolt is glued the caps we’re not connected to anything popped off with ease.

You could be right about the vibration being from the thick pads. I decided since I was not happy with the replay to go ahead and buy 2 far better yoyo’s.

I ended up with a aluminum dream and a Pivot which are phenomenal. I may buy the upgrade kit for 10.00 for the replay and see if the thinner pads and wider bearing make it a great yoyo.

The replay came directly from your company and was on the cheaper side of 15.00. shipping back will cost money at least 5.00 I can pretty much buy the upgrade kit instead of wasting 5.00

We’re here to help. If you want to keep the yo-yo and try the upgrade kit that’s cool, but if you want to send it back let me know. We can always send you a prepaid return label if shipping is a concern.