RecRev-Electirc Daisy

Hi Guys small test about RecRev’s yoyo!

Classic profile offers smooth play whilst the weight distribution provides long powerfull spin times! Amazing fininish!!!
Bearing is General Yo AIGR Aircraft Rated flat Bearing  .250 x.500 x.187 in the response is general yo hat pads!
This yoyo has a really wide gap width 5.2mm. Very stable and better spin times any yoyofactory’s out of the box! Good for laceration’s grind’s technical and fast trick’s

Weight. 69g
Diameter 52.8mm
Width. 40.5mm
Bearing C Size
Response Hat Pads

Long spintimes
Beutifull finish
Great fof all grinds!
Awsome response
Funny and good (yoyo)box
Wide gap

The bearing (i don’t like flat bearings)
Little bit heavy

This yoyo is: 100/92 in my opinion

What do you think of the review i kmow not the best?!!