rec revs or yoyojams?

I was going to save up for a new yoyojam on this site, but now there’s rec revs (recreational revolution) on this site too. What do I do?

well which yoyos are you thinking about and what are your prefrences

you cant just base a yoyo on a company a yoyo company can have 10 good yoyos and one stinker
it really just depends on the yoyo

I was thinking about maybe the hitman pro or some other newer yoyojam. I heard about rec revs and that they are good. I couldnt find them elsewhere, and now that they’re here I want one of them now. I think I would like a rather small yoyo because I am working on chopstick mount stuff. Currently the yo I use most is the ilyy FURY yoyo and it is difficult to do some tricks such as chopsticks with the large h shape. Anyway, I would like a rather small yoyo at a cheap price. I would like it to be capable of doing a lot while I’m at it. If there is something else that seems to fit me better, please notify me. Sorry that I typed so much! ;D

I think the electric daisy fits your Preferences and if you are willing to look at yyf I would get a yuuksta

I think the electric daisy looks like a smooth yoyo. Is it smooth?

Yes, and it plays like a beast.

Get what you want. Rec Rev and Yoyojam are two great companies and I doubt whatever you choose will let you down.

i will probably get an electric beast i mean daisy

wait, before further posts, may I bring the SPYY PRO into this?

Please don’t double post. There is a “modify post” button in the top right corner of each of your posts. Thanks.

You can. If you want something undersized, however, the Pro doesn’t fit.

so the pro isnt undersized? ok.


It’s really up to you, man. You mentioned a few yoyos, all of which are great. You really just need to sit down and decide for yourself what you think you’ll like most. We can’t tell you what to get, and we can’t tell you which one will be better because, well, none of them are.

okay, I understand. I’ll get what I want. Thanks

Spyy Pro is undersized.
I don’t think 54mm diameter and 44mm width is undersized.