What yoyo needs more attention?

Just curious. I already did a “what’s the most underrated company” post, so no what is your favorite underrated yoyo?

Mine is definitely the recrev mangaroo, I haven’t heard any hype about it or anything. great yo-yo, very fast and long-spinning. perfect for competitions.

I am really a fan of the SPYY Solaris. It’s a shame they don’t make these anymore.

Not sure what the buzz on the street is on the RecRev Facade. Just finally got one, which I’m actually trading for another one in the colorway I want.

Anther pair to look for is the Nessie and Albatross by GSquared. These need to be in more players’ hands. Truly good stuff that you won’t regret.



you really do love that yoyo huh? I might need to get one…

You should. Those are amazing. I felt no need to mention the KLR since everyone knows about it already.

Klr is gaining thrust which is good. For me it’s the Nessie!!! Great yoyo.

Really is a shame. Love them.


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blood brother first brother! its awesome!

I do agree.

I do love the Albatross, Solaris and YYJ Alliance.

Agreed. This is a very fine yo-yo.


I think a lot of the STYY yoyos are underrated. I recently got the Remnant and the Quark and I love them. I haven’t really looked into STYY before, or ever heard about them. I saw them on the BST and looked into them and they really looked nice.

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STYY Lotus
SPYY El Ranchero / Orbitron 5000 / Solaris
Shinwoo Zen 5
YYF Rockstar (OG)

Very true. I also really like the Lotus and Bandit. Unique feels on those two.

spin NVx

El Ranchero. These should be sold out and people should be making Want to Buy BST threads for it.

I don’t think enough people know about it. Everyone should have the opportunity to try one… they are so incredible.

And yes, firespitter, I do love it. Alot.

I think that the KLR be my next throw once I get my hands on a chief