What are your favorite underrated companies?

What are your favorite underrated companies?

I think that recrev isn’t nearly as popular as it should be, they are probably one of my favorite companies. They made the octave, the I, the mangaroo, the facade, the list goes on and on of fantastic throws. So what are your favorite underrated companies?


I feel as if Duncan is pretty underrated. I hardly ever hear anyone talking about their Screaming Eagle throws, and I enjoy them a lot.

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chico yoyo company. never hear anyone talk about it! and Dif-e-yo. i only hear people talk about konkaves and never the yoyos from them!

personally i like the company adgele because of there psg (plastic sand glass) that yoyo is really nice

RecRev comes to mind right away.
Incredible throws at an incredible price.

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G squared!!!

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there not underrated at all.

neither are they

Dif-e-yo though, very underrated

RecRev for sure! I love both RecRevs I have, being the SCLB and No. 9


I just don’t hear people talking about them like they used too. Still by far my favorite company.

I would say RecRev is pretty underrated. But by far Werrd doesn’t get the love they should. They make my favorite throws and are definitely one of my favorites. I wish they came out with more throws but ive seen many new things in the works.

Two words: Ten Yoyo.

String Theory Yoyos - Remnant 2 is excellent!

HSPIN. Used to be the bomb. Still is the bomb. No one thinks it’s the bomb.

And dif-e-yo is on point.

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Ten yoyo

Uh… CLYW. Very underrated.

(haha jk :P)

I feel werrd is a solid brand, not talked about a lot.

it’s difficult to get more underrated than iloveyoyo.
they’re definitely my favorite company. They don’t get half the credit they deserve.

I also like werrd, but I don’t think they’re too underrated. I guess it’s how you look at it though.


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X3. People know them for their unique shapes, but they all play amazingly well and are a joy to throw.