Choosing a non-YYJ, non-YYF, non-CLYW, non-OneDrop yoyo?


Hey! I haven’t been on the boards in awhile, but am slowly getting back into it. It’s that time of year where I get curious about other companies. I think I want to try out a new yoyo and need some suggestions.

My collection consists of 85% CLYW, 10% One Drop, and 5% YYJ. I’m looking for something from a different company, and here are some parameters in order of importance to me.

-must use a C-sized bearing
-at least 53mm diameter
-not made in Asia
-decent return rate on the BST/easily “moved”

I’m kinda curious in General Yo and Anti-Yo, I suppose. Any other manufacturers and specific brands you recommend? Thanks!

(2Sick Joey) #2

Check out Square wheels, Gsquared, and deadly spins out. All awesome companies with good yoyos.


Oh right! G2. I’ve wanted an Albatross for awhile now. How does the Albatross compare to the Nessie and Triton?

(kclejeune) #4

Nessie is a stable beast. Albatross is a graceful thing, incredibly smooth, still very stable. Both handle horizontal very well. I can’t speak for the triton, but that seems to be the favorite. My vote is albatross from what I’ve tried.

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The Triton is great! One of the best yoyos released this year. The albatross is pretty nice as well. Either is nice and has such a nice organic yet competition ready shape. Gsquared makes good stuff. The DS Wrath is easily my favorite Yoyo and it’s amazing if you want to check that out.


Why not made in Asia? There are TONS of great yoyo companies from Asia, Yoyofficer, C3yoyodesign, God Tricks, especially Yoyofficer, they have great stuff, an they have a manufacturer’s thread here made by Bina, Awesome throws for $35-$80


Werrd makes really cool stuff, the only annoying thing is that at the moment I virtually want all the Werrd yo-yos, I’m waiting on an 86400, and then probably a Friuture, but I also want a Pacquico, a Sentinel, a Split-D, then I might actually get something from another company before going back for a Tre and an Hour… I need more money :stuck_out_tongue:


Deadly Spin Wrath.

Also, listen to anyone that starts their recommendation with the words “General Yo…”.


Too many brands are good:
SPYY, ILYY, Duncan, Oxygene, XCube, Deadly Spins, General Yo, G2, and many many more…


You should reword it to “Not made in China”. Plenty of great Japanese companies (C3 being a favorite).


C3 is located in Hong Kong you twit.


Oh god I feel stupid.

I thought Hong Kong was in Japan.


Look into Crucial yoyos.

Not made in Asia as far as I know, but I’m not completely sure about that.

More importantly, they make fantastic yoyos. I’m talking specifically about the Cupcake and the Dulce. Seriously both such excellent throws. You will not be disappointed with either one. Also, I believe they fit your diameter preference.

Cupcake- nimble, fast, stable, speedy and the perfect weight at the end of the string.

Dulce- wider yoyo, not much place to put your finger in the gap, but there’s still something there. Can go fast but can be more chilled, too. Great shape for landing tricks.

Both such good yoyos, either way, you will end up with an excellent throw. :slight_smile:


I saw your Crucial throws on Instagram!


You can normally get a good deal on spyys and hspins on the BST


I hope most of you know that I’d recommend SPYY right off the bat. Amazing amazing amazing yoyos that are terribly underrated. Even though they are gone, I am still growing my collection. It’s at 21 as of the end of worlds.

Next I’d recommend General Yo. I’m not a huge fan of their previous organic throws, but their new competition style throws are off the charts in terms of play and resale value is above average. Ernie makes some beastly yoyos.


Apologies. This is what I meant :slight_smile:


I might be wrong, but don’t hspins use d bearings?


Which Gen Yo models specifically? Thanks!


I believe he is mainly talking about the KLR, M10, and Majesty. All three are excellent throws and most likely one of them could fit your preferences.

Another great company is RecRev. RecRev’s are priced lower but play just as well as all of the more expensive yoyos. Definitely worth a try.