RecRev TA-1 Review!

I got the new Rec Rev TA-1 and decided to do a review. Please tell me how i did.

I decided to buy my first metal and picked a Rec Rev TA-1 witch was recommended to me by my other yoyoing friends.

Here are the specs:


Diameter 2.172"
Width 1.705
Weight 66.7 grams
Bearing Size C Size (.250" x .500" x .187")
Response General Yo - Hat Pad (Regular)
YoYo Material Metal

First Impressions; This yoyo was very nimble and could move with ease, but it could also spin for a decent amount of time for beginners. The only downside of the yoyo was that if you didn’t have a solid throw it would have slight vibe. (This is not the yoyo’s problem, its your own if it happens)

Overall this is a great yoyo with an awesome name behind it and i recommend it to anybody who wants it.

Quick fact: the TA-1 is the delrin model. What you have there is the Turning Aperatus, the metal version of the TA-1.

Actually the TA-1S is the delrin model, the “S” in there meaning “Synthetic.”
$40 for a RecRev, that’s one heck of a deal, especially for how amazing their throws play. I do want their delrin model, a lot!

I have this one too, and I love it. It was on the TA-1 that I started really hitting Kwijibo. Mine is really stable, and spins long. Has a funny ring to it when I hit it against something, like my watch; sounds more like an aluminum pot than bell. Pretty durable finish on it too–besides my watch, I’ve banged it against my NiCode 2 (hanging from my belt), and on the pavement. Only has a couple small scratches to show for it. This throw is a solid player and well worth the price.

the review was short. didn’t really say much. more pictures would be good as well. i liked that you included the specs and price, nice touch.

as for the yo-yo, it’s great at a great price. i wish i had bought one.

This is the TA-1A (the 1A = Aluminum) that WILL be for sale here at YoyoExpert in a few days! Dont ask me how I got it… I just got it! Its the Blue one one the Right… the Purple gem is the Rec Rev Facade…

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I got the TA-1 at BAC, all black, matches my Sharps. It’s amazing!

I’d love to get a Facade on that blue with silver colorway.

Aluminum Throw from Rec Rev
Diameter: 2.172"
Height: 1.705"
Weight: 66.7 grams
Bearing: C Size (.250" x .500" x .187")
Bearing Type: Crucial Grooved
Gap: .19
Response: General-Yo

Recreational Revolution has created a very satisfying if not lethal throw! The Rec Rev TA-1A is a very high end throw at a low end price. This yoyo long spin and passes through the air with a very floaty feeling… However with a stronger tug on the string the yoyo seems too morph into a much faster throw! The gap size at .19 seems like a 3 foot gap due to its hybrid wide H-Shaped profile. The yo is a very great throw at minimal cost and is able to compete with many other yoyo’s that cost far more. The flattened rim surface allows your hand to catch this yoyo in a flat even swath that makes every catch comfortable and smooth not jarring and thudding. Throwing this for two days yielded little to no vibe? How??? (Either my hand is rock steady or the yoyo’s profile helps tame vibration and encourage a steady throw, however I suspect that my throw is improved.) The balance wickedly even and the weight of the yoyo seems to hinge towards its midpoint just off the axis of the axel between the end tips and the middle of the rimming. A very stable yoyo indeed! Ones largest concern is that if your natural throw is not good the TA-1A would probably amplify it because of its shape.

My cohort has a CLYW Arctic Circle and he praised the TA-1A as being “…unfair to the more expensive throws out there…” because of its crucial grooved bearing allowing ultra-unresponsive play and long-long-long spins, this yoyo demands more attention! “This yo made the same tricks a bit easier! Maybe its its fast-floaty play on string, maybe its rim profile, maybe its just this darn good…I dont know…” said my cohort. Rec Rev has made a yoyo that you should flat out get if spending less than $100 is a consideration in your next throw decision!

1.) If you just plain don’t like Rec Rev YoYo’s or Crucial Grooved Bearings.
2.)Yoyo may amplify a bad throw because it allows a great amount of hand over its surface during drop.
1.)Stable Play
2.) Low-No vibe
3.) Mile wide catch zone
4.) Cool anodization


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