RedRev TA-1 vs RecRev Oktave 3

How do these play in comparison to each other? In comparison to other popular throws (Northstar, Dv888, Raptor)?
Price wise, I’m pulled towards the TA-1.


i have both yoyos and prefer the ocatave 3 it has an incut similiar to the avant garde and glacier express both are really nice and play well but the octave 3 seems to have a better overall feel
than the TA-1 now the price on the TA-1 is really amazing for the playablity it offers you really cant go wrong with either one

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I have both, and I like the Oktave 3. I even like it more than my Code 1. The TA-1 is a fun throw, no doubt about that. And at its price, it is cheaper than the DV888. It is definately a throw you should have in your collection. However, since you could only get one, I would recommend the Oktave 3. It is a bit more than the TA-1, but it is an amazing throw. Super solid, amazing spin times, and it is very stable and floaty. It also comes in beautiful colorways (have you seen the purple with blue acid wash???)

Bottom Line: Oktave 3 all the way

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If you don’t recommend anything from RecRev, please give me your reasons rather than threaten to break my limbs.

RecRev is an amazing company

Play whatever brand you like. Don’t let anyone prevent you from purchasing any brand or model that you have interest in UNLESS you’ve been provided with information that after you’ve processed it, causes you to decide it’s not something you would not enjoy.

RecRec makes some great stuff. I have 2 Sharps and a TA-1. I want to get a Facade ASAP. The aren’t one of my Top 3 favorite brands, but that means nothing. I like this brand. Quality at amazing prices. Really good stuff, decent variety and fantastic performance. I think everyone should try any yoyo they can(with permission, of course).

Now, let me talk the TA-1. It’s kind of light but floaty as the shape catches a lot of air. It’s solid and a good performer. It’s not my “go to” shape, but it’s still comfortable in the hand and has a good catch zone. Binds are good and tight. I’m not sure what the stock bearing is, but it’s not a flat. I’m just too lazy to check right now. It’s a nice variety to other stuff I play, but it’s good on it’s own as well. I kind of wish it has an IRG ring on it, that would have made this a lot better, as it would have added a teeny bit of additional rim weight. Even so, it’s very smooth and stable. I like it. I’ve also let many other people try it and most of the thoughts have been quite favorable towards it. Some people haven’t liked it, but the same could be said for any yoyo.

I’ll definitely keep RecRev on my “watch list” though, that’s for sure. I think my next 2 yoyos are gonna be a Facade an a Next Level. Probably. Facade for sure.

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Ended up getting the Oktave 3 and I am beyond pleased!

What color did you get?? And isn’t it fantastic? I call it my “Poor Man’s Caribou Lodge”

I got the purple/blue. It’s so stunning. It’s got that authoritative feel I’ve been searching for. I’d like it to be a little more hoppy though, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Thats the color I got! Its so beautiful. And I just love how it feels