RecRev Delrin thoughts?

I can’t decide between the Recrev ta-1s and the octave 3. Both are similar in size, both delrin, and similar weights. I’m leaning more toward the ta-1s because I love organic/butterfly shapes and it is fractionally closer to my ideal weight. I just want some recommendations if you guys have tried either.


I have the TA-1(aluminum) and have played the TA-1S. It’s this amazing “similar yet different” feeling. You KNOW it’s different, the differences are subtle, but there is a difference. If you like one, you’ll like the other. This is a great A/B compare of delrin vs. aluminum for yoyo design. The TA-1S seems to have a bit more weight in the center of the rim, kinda 3/4’s of the way out from the middle.

That’s about all I can contribute. It sounds like you’re already decided on the TA-1S. Having never played the Oktave 3, I can’t say anything about it.

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Thanks studio! It sounds like it will be a very fun throw. I just wanted a few opinions before I spend my hard-earned money lol

As always, the offers remain open. Anyone who is in the Sacramento area, either living or visiting or passing through, if the time works out, hit me up and try anything I got.

Don’t go making a special detour for this, but the offer remains open to anyone.

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Haha, I live on the other side of the country.(Virginia)

I have the TA-1S, and it is really fun. However, it definately does play different than the TA-1 (aluminum verson)

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I have the octave 3 on the other hand, I prefer more H shape and undercut yoyo’s. It plays excellent! Very very stable for a plastic and not really any vibe.

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I ordered the TA-1S. Should be here by Friday at the latest. I’ll make a point to review it after I’ve had some quality time with it lol