So I was looking to buy a delrin, and narrowed it down to the Halo by C3yoyodesign, or the Rec-Rev TA-1s. Which would you recommend and why? I have a medium pace, hoppy style of play. I like to go fast on occasion.


(UmeNagisa) #2

It’s crazy stable, and plays like a metal!


I have the metal TA-1 and the Halo. I’ve also played the delrin TA-1S, and it plays darn near identical to the TA-1. The differences are subtle and I may choose to buy one.

It depends. Both are great items. I think the Halo might be the better way to go. The shape is a bit more flexible as far as speeds, as the TA-1 is more of a “medium speed” yoyo and the shape is designed as such that it doesn’t exactly slice through the air. Both are pretty good at grinding, although I don’t thing either has an IRG rim, so if that’s important, you might want to remind me to check these via PM and I can get back to you.

RecRev makes amazing stuff at amazing prices. The Halo, I have no idea why it’s priced this way, but hey, it feels UNDER-priced, but OVER-performs and it’s a great throw as well. I think the Halo is your ideal fit for this one based on your need for speed.


Thanks for the help. I think I may go for the Halo! :slight_smile:


Halo is a great choice. Love mine. The sceptre is also amazing if you can find one.


Love the halo, but if you can get a Sceptre (not being sold in US at least for now) it’s absolutely worth checking out, really nice play, even without the reversible response / bearing size component in the mix.
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Sceptre looks awesome, bur I think I’ll be getting a Halo.

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Check out 3Yo3. I heard Landon makes killer delrins. I’ll pm you a link to his sight if you want.


I know his site. Was thinking of the Capella. How does that play?


I have the capella, it is a little small and heavy for my tastes, I would go with the volume. They are pretty much the same price anyways


yeah, but it looks like it’d be good for a carry-around throw.


So now it’s Halo vs Volume.
What’s everyone think?

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Halo has mire power to the throw if you ask me!

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You decide


Halo for sure. It grinds remarkably, has great spin times, is stable, and looks really classy.


If you’re outside the US I think the Sceptre is definitely worth a look:
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Thanks Sniffy, but I’m in the US. The delrin will have to wait because I just ordered a Chief. I had been wanting a delrin for a while but after trading my old Chief I couldn’t help but snag a Foxy Moss. Thanks to everyone who helped, when I finally get around to buying a delrin, it’ll probably be the Halo.