First Delrin

I’ve been wanting to try a delrin throw for a long time now, after reading reviews and seeing videos. I have a few in mind, and was wondering which would be a good match for me to try as my first one.
The main 2 I’m considering are the Volume by 3yo3, and the Halo by C3yoyodesign.

I own many metals and a few plastics, and how I can describe my play style is basically a steady, smooth pace, with as much flow as I can have.

Any other recommendations are appreciated.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m getting a Halo at BAC. I currently have a Half & Half, which I like a lot now that I put a Crucial Grooved bearing in it. The Volume is a bit too extreme for me for now. The Halo seems a safer shape, reminding me a bit of the One Drop 54.

It’s up to you. The Volume claims a larger catch area, or at least easier catches, at least compared to a different 3Yo3 design.

Ok, so you described your play style. How about listing some of your favorite yoyos?

Wow. Fast reply. My current favorites are: Clyw Chief, Code2,, and on occasion, my DM2. :smiley:

Forgot to mention, My Canvas as well. ;D

YoYoEmpire Sun


WOAH. Never even heard of it before…specs? ???

Wait, never mind. Just saw the specs. Looks big and wide-ish. Cool suggestion, but not really my thing. Another option just came into my mind, what about the 3yo3 Capella?


Weight (g) 68.70
Width (mm) 42.41
Diameter (mm) 57.50
Gap Width (mm) 4.5

Weight (g): 68.0
Width (mm): 43
Diameter (mm): 58
gap width(mm): 5.0

It’s hardly any larger than the Halo.

And in China, it’s sold for $20.

Reminds me of a delrin Code 1 perhaps. Maybe a Dang

I know it’s not big compared to the Halo, I just don’t feel like it’s my type of yoyo, plus I like C3 and 3yo3 and would like to try my first delrin from either of them. :slight_smile: Looks like a nice yoyo though.

I love my Halo. One of the most fun yoyos I own. Excellent reviews of it online as well.

Also wondering, in your guys opinion, what makes for a better carry-around throw. Small in width, or diameter?

I think a big of both, but I think diameter makes the biggest difference for “pocket throw” compatibility. I usually wear stuff where it doesn’t matter.

Not metals, delrins.

Dont you see? This thread is about my FIRST delrin.