ICON,Halo,or Beysick?

Hi! First time poster and pretty new to the world of YoYo! I have been yoyoing for a tiny bit over a month now and am starting to learn the last bit of advanced part 1 and starting advanced part 2 of Andre’s videos. The thing is that i think i’m addicted to yoyo’s and want more! I have a DMII a DV888 a Metal Drifter and a Whip. I have some extra cash thanks to a large paycheck and am wanting a new yoyo.

So from my topic title what do you guys think i should get? I’m fascinated with the delrin of the Halo and think it looks amazing. Downfalls of the Halo are that it seems big (57mm diameters), and that my beloved yoyoexpert doesn’t have them. The ICON has a better look to it than the Beysick i believe but dunno if i would enjoy the gold color.

So can anyone help me out here? i really don’t wanna spend too much as you can see all those are at 60$. Also is anyone thinks i’m too young into yoyoing or that i souldn’t get those how about Northstar?

if you can bind, then you’re ready for any of those yoyos. you’re ready for any yoyo period, really.
and if you think the halo looks amazing, then go with it. 57mm isn’t really that big. it’s 2.25", which is about .05 inches bigger than your average oversized throw.
If you think that’s too big, you should look at the crucial jirorian :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: One otherthing that scares me about the halo is that maybe because its delrin it might not be as stable or have as long of spin times as the other yoyos or my dm2 and dv888.

delrin is actually a really nice material. you won’t be disappointed with it.

Review by Pegasus on a different forum

"Mini review, it’s incredible buy one.

In some more detail.
Package:comes in a small plastic box, similar to the B!ST ones.
Looks:really nice, not the cleanest work i have seen on delrin, but nothing can beat that sexy brand new white delrin look.
Construction: Simple pads but it looks like it would be very nice to silicone similar to caribou lodge yoyos. Bearing is very good, it’s a centertrac and i’m not sure it’s the same as the yyf but it is a lost better than any yyf one i have seen, it spins for ages.
Play: Unresponsive out of box. It is a little heavy and you get a slight thud when it hits the bottom of the string, it’s a similar thing to the OG projects but not quite as bad as that. The weight and it’s distribution does not make it a very fast yoyo, it seems to be designed with a slightly slower play in mind. It is ridiculously smooth, and it grinds for ever, i’m not sure if it is beadblasted but it grinds better than most metals that i have. Doesn’t really thumb grind.

Conclusion: I have had a few delrin yoyos(milk, cream, calabrone, hf, gung fu, fast fu, delrin mary), and i have played more. I can honestly say, without a doubt, this is the best delrin yoyo there is. It is only 3.34£ more than a northstar, and for that extra money you get something that completely blows the norhtstar out of the water. No other delrin that i have played, in my opinion, even comes close to it.
The weight is really not a problem, i mentioned it played a little slow but it really only plays a little slow it does not feel like a huge effort to get the yoyo to move, but just don’t expect something floaty. The only thing likely to put someone off of this is the weight and the size."

Trust me, if its a yoyo made from a company like Crucial or Hspin, its bound to be good no matter what.

Well the Halo is by C3yoyodesign but i’ve heard some people say it;s better than the milk or half and half. And now i’ve just seen the RecRev Sharp and think that one looks cool… I just can’t make my mind up sorry guys!