Need Opinions on some delrin yoyos? PLEASE HELP

So recently I’ve wanted a delrin yoyo that i can bring every and let people use if they think its cool and recently I’ve been look at the C3 Halo, YYF Severe, 3YO3 Capella, Volume and Grind King(I know it’s not Delrin) I just want YOUR opinions on these yoyos

Severe is amazing!

There’s reviews of many of those throws at the usual review sites (, etc…)

Both the Halo and Severe are wonderful. Everything by Landon is also a ton of fun to throw. Personally I love my Halo out of all the Delrin’s I’ve tried. I know that some people have experienced issues with the sOMEThING V, but mine is a lot of fun. The Halo is smoother, but the V is a great throw if you’re looking for something yellow.


If I were you I’d get a aero yo delta. I just got one and its amazing. I’ve also had yyf severe and YYJ trigger and like the delta the most of the 3. It’s SMOOTH

I’ve got a Halo and it’s brilliant. Keep hearing good things about the Severe as well so I ordered one which should be arriving on Monday. Will let you know my thoughts when it arrives =)


Get. A. Severe. Right. Now.

(…and save yourself the trouble.)

I’d go with a Halo or the Volume. Both amazing delrins. :slight_smile:

I agree, I love my halo!!!

Halo is my travel yoyo. Can’t go wrong with it,

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I’m ordering a Halo tonight !

Maybe a severe and a G5 to idk