1a delrin yoyo

So I’m looking for an advanced 1a delrin yoyo. What do you reccomend?

The C3YoyoDesign Halo is supposed to be a great yoyo, made of delrin, and plays great. HighSpeedyoyo and Yoyoskills made reviews for it. Its a great throw, and is realtively affordable.

YYJ Lyn Fury - takes anything you can throw at it (or throw for that matter).

But is it delrin? I think that’s what the OP was inquiring about.

I have a Half & Half. It’s nice, I like it, but kinda small. I want to get a Halo, but am going to hang off on that for a while. I do like how the delrin feels in the hand. Very smooth and slick, yet not slippery.

A lyn fury is celcon, celcon and delrin are very similar. The main difference being celcon can be injection molded and delrin is machined.

For all intents and purposes celcon and delrin are the same as far as we’re concerned.

Wait for the Duncan Freebird 2 to be released