Which Delrin

So, I have $100 and really want a delrin, I also want input from the community please give me some feedback.


Get a Top-Yo Cloud. It is by-far, the best Delrin I have ever thrown. I have thrown lots of nice Delrin stuff and this one is outstanding.

The best part? $39.99. Seriously, try this out.

I really like the Delrin severe

I can vouch for the Halo, but it is the only delrin I’ve played.

You might want to have a look at the RecRev f(x) if you haven’t already. It’s a delrin Freq. Wave. Haven’t had the chance to play either, but it looks very promising.

For me, the sOMEThING V is my favorite delrin, but it sounds hollow due to how it has the caps.

The second, I am torn between the Halo and the new f(x). The current run of the f(x) are all b-grades and do have vibe, but if they do make an a-grade run, they’ll be amazing. I got lucky, my f(x) is rather low on the vibe, so I’m preferring that over the Halo right now.

Thanks for your input, but I can’t really find a Top-Yo Cloud anywhere could you PM me where to get it? Anyway I also want to know how an Albino Leviathan plays, they look really cool.

RecRev TA-1S. Beats the Halo and Severe by miles :slight_smile:

I 2nd that ^^^

The Halo has a small gap, and mid-ish height walls, so it is not the most forgiving throw out there, but I still love it. F(x) is amazing modern performer. The V is good, but I agree that it has a hallow feel as stated above.

Yoyoempire Star. It’s been my go to throw since I got it.

Volume by Landon Balk. I think it’s about tied with the cream for me…

I have about a half dozen different Delrin throws and without any doubt my favorite is the C3 Scepter.

It’s going to be a YoYo you’ll have to buy from an off-shore store because of a patent issue, but it has a biscuit that holds two different size bearings giving it great flexibility. It’s also the tightest and smoothest Delrin I own by far.

Pretty much anything that Landon Balk makes is amazing I would highly recommend his company’s (3YO3) products. I personally like the Capella. It’s a little heavy but after I got used to it and it’s a really fun yoyo.

I second The V. Best looking Delrin

Another vote for recrev’s stuff although the empire sun is a very fun delrin

The Crucial Cream? That got to be one of the worst. It really isn’t any good at all.

Good luck finding a Albino Leviathan, lol.
Kentaro said he might make a new version of it, though.

I as well thoroughly enjoyed the sOMETHING V. Its agile and effortless, but sacrifices a bit of spin time and stability.

Pfft, YYF Severe Tops all IMO.

My cream is one of those few really good ones. Idk why. I like the volume more tho.

So if I had a choice between the RecRev Ta-1S and sOMETHING The V which one should I get?

Modify- How doea the 3yo3 compare to the other to too?