RecRev Ta-1s Delrin

I have been wondering how this yoyo plays, does anybody know.

I have all ways liked delrin, you just do not have that much options.

I have the aluminum version, and love it! Have yet to try a delrin, though.

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i have the metal version and it plays great, the shape is really cool and i highly recommend it and its delrin counterpart

I have the TA-1(the aluminum). Love it. I’ve played the Delrin. It has this “very familiar, yet something different” quality to it over the TA-1. The performance is very, very similar. I wouldn’t mind getting one.

I have the Half & Half and the Halo as my other Delrin yoyos. I would very much like to add a TA-1s to the collection/rotation. Just as a break from metals, but also for real A/B purposes too. Both are fantastic in their own ways. If you like one, you’d for sure like the other. If you’ve never tried a delrin, this would be a fantastic first Delrin.

I like RecRev. I don’t see the colorways for the Facade I want here, otherwise I’d get one.

I used to have a Half and Half, but I sold it. So i do have experience with delrin.

The TA-1A is a completely different playing experience than the Half & Half. Or even the Halo. I mean, think metals: different shapes, different play. Delrin is no different in those regards.

I was at DXL and contemplated getting one, but I only got a TA-1 instead. I should have gotten both. I regret not getting one. My friend bought one though. Pretty freaking amazing though, I like the YYJ Trigger better. Best derlin I’ve tried.

Studio hit the nail right on the head. “It feels similar to the TA-1, but different”. That is probably the best way to describe this yoyo. It is definately very fun, and delrin is super cool. It isn’t all that fast, but it is a good throw. I highly recommend it. And at it’s price, you really can’t beat it