I’m trying to decide between the C3 Halo, the delrin Severe, and the V. Which would you guys recommend?

The only other delrin I’ve had is a Crucial Half and Half , and I love how it feels.

My play style is kinda medium paced, really slacky and some tech stuff too.



You may Los want too ok at some of Landon’s delrins.

(SR) #3

Derlin Severe without a doubt. The thing is insane. If you wanna go a bit cheaper you can get the Trigger, which is incredible as well.


I’ve heard the stock response pads wear out fast. Would you recommend I buy different pads?

Also, I have a Trigger, and it’s awesome.


Yoyofactory just made their natural pads which are designed to last longer and I’ve heard that ir pads for a while.


Thanks, I’ll check out the yyf pads. I think Ir pads are sold out.


Alright so I think I’m gonna go with the Severe!

(SR) #8

Awesome dude, you’ll love it! What color?


White. I love white throws.


I think the Halo would be the better choice. It’s more of a medium mover. The V is fast. I didn’t care for the Severe at all, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good for it.

Honestly, I’d recommend the RecRev f(x), which is the delrin Freq.Wav. It’s what you want. More coming soon but probably not to YYE.


Thanks Studio! I’m actually pretty interested in the f(x) and will probably pick one of those up too when they restock somewhere.


They are both great and the black severe looks great without the caps. Really just depends on preference. If you like organic go with Halo, if you like H/V shapes go with Severe.


sOMEThING Crazy-D when it comes out.


Nononono. Go with one of the Recrev delrins. Pekka tried my TA-1S and agreed that it was the best delring he’d tested. And he’s played alot of them. Including the Halo, Severe ++


I have heard that the Zeekio Quasar is nice.

(Google it :slight_smile: )



The f(x) is amazing, and recrev’s delrins are definitly the best


Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

I actually ended up ordering the Severe, in white. I thought about it and it became the obvious choice when I realized my love for Tyler Severance signature throws. It’ll fit right in with my 2010 Severe and Supernova. :slight_smile: