Calling other H3X owners//First Impressions

Who are the other 14 people bewitched by the h3x?? I need all of you to speak up so we can get more runs of the H3X made!!

I am so very, very down for collecting these in different colorways. This first one is Stunning. The “TiDize” rings are amazing. They change color from a blue to green. I tried to take photos AND videos, but they just didn’t do it justice, probably because I’m limited to a Samsung Galaxy 2. Anywho, the rings are absolutely gorgeous against the black. It makes me wonder if it’s possible for them to get them in other colors and look as well as this… I certainly hope they can. Hopefully someone with a nice camera can take some good video of the color.

The ‘effect’ on the engravings are also hard to capture properly… the YYE shop photo shows the effect, but it’s not as cool as it is in person. I haven’t seen an effect like this on a yoyo, but it fits this model -perfectly-. I’ll attempt to describe it. The engraving looks like your normal engraving, but throughout it looks somewhat aged/worn so that below the “typical” engraving shows bare shiny metal. Very, very, cool. The surrounding area of the engraving looks untouched, so I’m unsure how they did this… but very impressive effect. It’s very hard to explain, hopefully someone else can chime in with a better explanation but if you look at this picture it should make sense. On the iris of mine, they are super shiny! Looks WICKED!!! EVERYONE WHO HAD DESIGN INPUT ON THS YOYO; I LOVE YOU!

It plays extraordinary. It feels perfect on the string, no joke… Unless you don’t like a full sized yoyo. There are no complaints coming from me, none what so ever. I am extremely impressed by this yoyo. I don’t want to get into how well it plays because people will think I’m hyping it up. I hope other folks can do the “play” part of the review for me… There’s no doubt in my mind their reports will all be on the same page with “This yoyo is freaking awesome, we need MORE of them made ASAP”. Only possible disadvantage (“con” if you wanna call it that) I can think of… Grinds… This yoyo does have grooves, but it might not necessarily help your grinds as much as a traditional bead blast. The rings are smooth, so they will grip if you touch them. It’ll get the job done though. Has a nice IRG groove, and works nicely, but I don’t do them much. Horizontal? This is the only thing I’m unsure of, as I haven’t stepped foot in this direction yet. My hypothesis would be it would be just average at horizontal.

This thing is Epic (Yes I just pulled that word out of retirement)

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That’s me officially even more excited than I already was. Thanks for your first impressions! Wish I had been one of the 10…!

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Thank you for my 100th ‘Thank You’

You know in the cartoons where one character grabs anothers’ head and they give um a big wet one? I want to do that to YYJ for making this one.

Mine came Thursday. I did get a chance to play it for a few minutes.

All I can say is the following, outside of being very happy with this:

The artwork in the center should be laser etched. It feels silkscreened and may wear away in time.

This is not a modernized DM2. I don’t really see much if any DM2 “dna” in it. This feels like a ground up new design. Sometimes it’s good to start over. This is great.

It feels a bit heavier than the stated specs, but I haven’t weighed it yet. Not that this is bad, mind you, I can feel the weight, and honestly I like it. I feel I can steer the yoyo a bit more in the air.

The grooved sidewalls really prevent the string from rubbing the sides during play, but seem to provide just the right amount of friction during suicides.

Generous catch zone. Decent on the grinds, but I can’t do thumb grinds yet so I can’t commend on that.

The center seems oriented around the gyro-spin trick, but the overall shape isn’t the best for horizontal play. However, it feels more able to handle horizontal than DM2’s and Legacy II’s. I do not have a Trinity to compare with. The way the inside has a bump just before the bearing recess shows that thought was put into this design around horizontal play, which also explains the grooves going all the way down into the center of the yoyo.

This has winner all over it. It will be released in greater numbers.

My photos:

I have to figure out what to leave behind to take this with me to Vietnam. Yes, a DM2 is going with me, but then so is this…

Thanks Studio! I had a feeling you would get my hint for the pictures :smiley:

I could probably write three essays about how amazing this yoyo looks in person. Andre, if you’re reading this, please, please, have more of these made. I love you. I will buy more.

Studio42, could you take 1 more picture? One like this one but with the logo facing right-side up?? I want to post it on my FB, Otherwise they might think it’s calle the XEH lolol. I’m trying to weird all my non-yoyo friends out

I did not expect them so sell out so fast! I really want one.

There simply was not enough of them made. There needs to be more made ASAP

Tell you what. I’m taking shots of some more yoyos tomorrow. I’ll start with the H3X, but I’ll do you two better:
I’ll take the inverted picture for the logo, then I’ll take two more photos, with the yoyo taken apart, so we get all the “YYE angles”. I’m putting them in my album first.

I’m gonna be shooting mostly YYF plastics tomorrow. It’s gonna be hard work since they are mostly individual items except for my loopers, but that won’t save me much time.

Keep in mind I shoot during the day, then sort at night, so it might take until Sunday. I don’t like to move the camera until after I’m “done for the day”.

Not a problem, going to be enjoying the heck out of this thing all day :smiley:

Well, I got mine Friday right after school, and the first thing I did was rip into the box and just stare at my new throw. I’ve played a DM2 before, and to be completely honest, I don’t like it. What I do love about it, is that it’s the most comfortable yoyo I’ve ever held. So, I decided to bite the bullet and try the H3X. Unfortunately I don’t have a photos, so sorry SkyHigh!

The first throw was really sloppy, honestly. I don’t think of myself as a good yoyo player, just mediocre. I rely on grooved bearings to help with longer spin times, and a lot of the time my throws are crooked. So, until I swapped into a grooved bearing I had the shortest spin times.

But when I did, I was doing the hardest, fastest moves I know with no problems. This is definitely the throw I’m gonna use at VA States next year. SkyHigh was right though, it doesn’t grind very well at all. My MYY T5 Overlord grinds better, and that cost me about $17. It’s not a big deal, because grinds aren’t a huge part of my performance.

Now for the looks; this throw is so aesthetically pleasing, it’s almost crazy. If I had another I’d put it on display and use it for an art show. :wink:
However, the way they colored the titanium rings on my H3X was not perfect, and there’s one little flaw on one ring, but honestly, it’s not a big deal. My PHENOM has been used so much the rim is turning blue instead of black.

The engraving on the H3X has an odd texture, almost… chalky? I don’t know, but I do know I don’t like how it feels when I trace my thumb over it. Still not a big deal though.

I haven’t had the H3X long enough to post a full review on it comfortably, but next Friday I personally will have a full review up, with pictures to boot. Unfortunately I don’t have any now.

All in all, this yoyo is one of my favorites. It’s smooth as butter on the string, even with my half-assed throws with a flat bearing, and I’m a player coming from a PHENOM with a grooved bearing. And I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like the PHENOM is a perfect yoyo. The only downside is it costs too much to get another one. ;D But, if YYJ does make another H3X run, especially with red rings on that black body, I’ll definitely have another one.

:’( There actually will be a few more runs of the HEX. Just not in this colorway.

The H3X is a really great throw. Regarding the art, it is laser etched not silk screened so the durability factor is no problem. This is confirmed by the Master himself. I like the optical effect, works perfect with the name. This should be a big hit for YoYoJam!!

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Sebastian, what does your ano flaw look like on your Ti Rings?? Luckily I didn’t spot any on mine… I know Ti anodizes weird though

There is a flaw on one of my rings. You can see it in one of my photos.

In my opinion, the flaw only helps serve as an identifying mark, so I’m fine with it.

It is laser etched? It just felt backwards to what I thought it should be. Cool. I am corrected, but I am corrected by having the correct information.

Anyhow, I’m really liking this yoyo a lot. I’m glad I have the DM2. I think by starting my “real” journey with the Dm2, it was a proper path. This is a clear evolution of the products being developed. A lot of the stuff coming out lately is of significantly different designs than stuff from not that long ago. The YYJ product line is evolving. The needs of YYJ’s players is evolving, the trends are evolving, and YYJ is just one of many companies who are undergoing these sort of transformations.

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On my ring there is a spot that is a sort of purple color and it doesn’t change color like the rest of the rings. There are actually a couple spots like that on the throw.

What do you guys think of the highwall? Does it hurt horizontal?

Sorry, I was inspecting my H3X. Luckily I don’t have any ano flaws that aren’t typical of Titanium. Which surprises me, considering I’m usually stuck with the Flawed pieces.

I would say that the shape in general might hinder horizontal play compared to other shapes designed towards better horizontal.

Is this YYJ’s first high end throw?? Ive never seen a YYJ for over $100

They have a few high end, most notably the Phenom.

As far as the Hex goes I’ll be picking one up when they release the next run.