Best looking yoyo

The civility by yo tricks is beautiful

The YoYoSkeel Stalker looks awesome, I wish I had one :smiley:

One Drop Valor :smiley:

Bapezilla 2 or a Vizilla take your pick!

OG peak or USA hatrick.

The old printed TFL’s were some of my favorites

Wish I could find the transformers or higby one but these will have to do

Those are pretty awesome!

DEADY SpINS - Wrath proto

I love the shape of this thing both to look at and throw. Has a chess piece look with a little Batman coolness to it.


The Gradient -

Magnum. Just look at it.

I think the C3YoyoDesign P-Wave is just amazing. So sharp and serious looking!

Square Wheels Rockefeller is where it’s at. The Format:C also looks great.

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Spingear 888s.

I do think the valor looks great but I’m surprised how much love it’s getting with the civility. I love those yoyo’s but I’m a color man and like my throws splashy with lots of color.
I think the superstar in the pulsar color way is my fav.

Galaxy Proton, and I know TA will agree, anything in the YYE colorway.

Always gonna be the original Peak.

Green Anglam.

spyy pistolero

best ano jobs by far are G2 XP(MFD IS actually right behind them,thats why they made the co-lab)and cuz organics are a great way to go. But cmon snozberries yall,snozberries. its just gorgeous, my Moondog aftershock is beautiful. berries and cream Alby(albatross). Green galionella (or w/e) colorway of the ape X. now if were talking shape…Triton, grand daddy of orgo’s!