What's the coolest looking yoyo in your collection?

I’m very new to the hobby and only have three yoyos (YYJ Dark Magic 2, YYF Velocity, Yomega Nebula) so I don’t really have anything fancy or interesting to contribute myself, but I’m curious to see what of everybody’s collection is not necessarily actually the best throw but the best looking of the bunch. I was surprised to find that (at least based on a couple searches) there hasn’t been a thread like this in a long time.

So what are the real lookers of your collection? Got any crazy custom paint jobs? Any designs you think are really aesthetically pleasing? Post your top picks in the thread and of course, post a picture!

I really like the look of my yyo hatchet. I haven’t seen the color option available at yye I ordered it from japan. It’s a black base with gold wash and pink speckle. It looks a lot like jack rabbit but instead of a clear wash it’s gold.

I know most of you probably know what I’m gonna say :wink:

There is something that’s awesomely simple about the 2013 Benchmark H. In clear anno, with silver ultralights, it just looks like it was made to play, not to visually dazzle. I’m way into that kind of aesthetic.

its a toss up between these two.

  1. RSL
  2. Beyond Envy
  3. RD1
  4. Luchador- Scary looking yoyo that even came with a disclaimer.
  5. Eric Wolfe (Not certain my spelling is correct) Tulip Wood yoyo, gorgeous!

I would love to have a first edition Noctu also the Pure has a pretty interesting look. I find shape more interesting than color.

I have:

A pink w/ blue and yellow splash Cyborg (it’s one of the one-offs)
Black with Gold Splash 2012 Genesis
YYE Edition Benchmark V
Ayame Edition Benchmark H
Gold w/ blue splash Glide

as my top 5 in no particular order.


I guess I like this one because it was from awhile back. Back when : me, Eric Wolff, Alan Gray, John Rollins, Stan Zygo and others; were cutting stuff up; just to see what we could come up with.

This started off as a Bionic Freehand. I machined it down and fit it with machine cut Delrin rims. Then I use polished Viper hubs to core the yoyo.

It was a little different way back then. And is actually still a little different now, lol.

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My polished SPYY Radian Super Light

nuff said

Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre

Nice rizki. I’m on board with the “simple but beautiful” stuff.
I love my lavender DANG players edition. No loud etching or font. Just the lavender with brass SEs.

Aman M10

My silver YYF Shutter

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For a more flashy look I love my TP BU2R but for a normal yoyo look I love my blue ricochet.

I couldn’t choose.

the die is the coolest…

half candlestick half supercharged…love it…im comming for that hulk triton XD

My fav by far is the candy carnival triton,gobstopper aftershock,mystic albatross and my supercharged gambit…then my palli’s puffin

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