The best-looking yoyo you've ever seen

What is the best-looking yoyo you’ve ever seen?

This thread is worthless without pictures, so post 'em up.

I’m just getting back into throwing, but I like this C3 Capless:

Hah! I don’t know what to think that my picture of my Capless is out there in the wild. :wink:

It’s a beauty all right!

I have a few lookers in my small collection: the Capless pictured above, an antique bronze El Ranchero, Snow Drift edition Smooth Move, and as of today a MonkeyfingeR Design Lesula in their “Lemon Merangled” colourway (pictures posted elsewhere on the forum… don’t want to spam those pictures TOO much!)

Heh, just re-read the original post… if it’s worthless without pics, here are two:
Lesula by gregpettit, on Flickr
Snow Drift Lights by gregpettit, on Flickr

(note, the “blue” is an artifact of the LED I was using for light painting. It looked good so I didn’t colour-shift the shot. But it’s polished “silver” in colour, not bluish)

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Haha that’s funny I posted your Capless pic. Google Image search knows how to pick 'em!

That Lesula is unreal. It looks like a piece of contemporary art.

My LB Bassalope.

Just look at those ridges. -whistles-

These are my favorite in the Looks Department in my collection.
They look so much more striking up close.

The shape alone is captivating.
DEADLY SpINS - Wrath 1 by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr
DEADLY SpINS - Wrath 2 by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr

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Oxy 5 in satin

You have to see it in life, but there’s something about the combo of finishes on that shape that’s just outright beautiful. I don’t even care how it plays. It’s just a pretty object and I like owning it.

Wood always looks good

Went and found a good eric wolff throw to post in here:

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I think the Cascade is pretty darn gorgeous… The shape, the size, the many, many colorways…

The Trident is just plain beautiful…

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Heres a few I can think of…Ill think of some more:

@MattB: that Wrath looks amazing. I have a Wrath, and though I’ve always liked its profile, I think the colourway I have (red, black, and silver) detracts from its lines. In solid black, it’s a killer!

I agree. Deadly Spins should release a black one in the same finish for all of their models, just to feature the strength of the design.

Gotta love that Capless colorway. So nice.

I also love the Macrocosm. Fantastic looking throw.

Geeeez Matt you can’t come in here showboating your awesome Wrath. Black suits it well.

Jack Rabbit is my absolute favorite colorway. I seriously can’t believe I almost traded this away.

Some day I’m going to make a legitimate light box…

My shadow super g is really cool in its mat black

I totally agree with GregP on his opinion about the flat black flattering the lines. I might also add that from just a photographic perspective that I love the Neon Pink String as well.

Nicely Played MattB.

As a BTW to LinksLegionaire, your picture looks great without the lightbox you speak of. I also like the Jack Rabbit colorway.

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Anything touched by Jason Wong is stunning.


spyy radian super light.

Best looking yoyo I have ever seen :