Yoyo Colorway Game Is Strong

Share yoyo company’s best efforts at colorways based on rarity, uniqueness and just how good it looks.

I made this thread because yoyofactory just shared this:


Too good, especially that black and rainbow fade thing. Those horizons are just too good lol

Discuss/share your best pictures!

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Anyone else think that Yyf’s black splash thing up there is extremely similar to Jason Wong’s Black Skittles?

Everyone is gonna be naming CLYW colorways so Ima say Ayame is great. Especially on the GZR Cascades as the 7075 really makes things pop.

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If there was a green one like that I’d be speechless

Relevant… kind of


Boyd also had a green. White base with green mountains.

I could have sworn boyd had the teal one

Maybe, I’m colorblind haha. Anyhow, whatever color this is, this is it.

The OG peaks are so beutiful and I don’t say the word beutiful (or spell it as it would seem)

But Dang…

That looks awesome

There are two Teal Peaks, one labeled ‘gsimian’ the other ‘c-foam’, ownership is obvious based on the names on them. Boyd’s was green. Chris’s teal got sold after the writing wore off, Paul I think still has his, Boyd’s winter green got stolen. :confused:


I think CLYW’s colorways are great, OD, G2, I like the new YYE Shipwreck Colorway, Dragon Slayer is epic, I can’t wait to get the Phoenix yoyos and anodize them.


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You are correct. Paul still does have his, and it’s a shame Boyd’s is gone.

How many exist of the green base with black forest? It is so pretty.

Even prettier though is the white base with green on it in the pic below, the one you guys said Boyd lost. Wowwwww

Buggot, there’s only one with the trees. Boyd didn’t lose the green with silver, he lost the white with green shown above.

That’s what I said, I was referencing the “pic below” white with green :slight_smile:

That one is the prettiest of all

Who has the green with black trees?

I’m not too sure. With the 19 eBay peaks, I have an idea where most of them are, but not the tree peak. It is quite pretty.

How much would you think the Tree Peak, the Green on Blue Peak, or Boyd’s Soft Green on White Peak cost? Just wondering, they would probably be less than the “OG Peak”, but still pricey.

The tree peak, if mint, would still probably bring in $700-$1000 depending on how much you want it. All painted ones from the second run that were sold in eBay would be in this range, obviously less if not mint. The last somewhat mint OG peak went for over $1500 if I’m not mistaken. Hefty.

I’m sure I missed some but here are some personal favorites:

2SYY Bishop:

2SYY Queen (picture does not do the colorway justice)


YYR Stargazer

G2 Quake

TP Palpitation

CLYW Puffin 2


CLYW Chief

General Yo Prestige

G2 Quake

YYF Shutter

G2 Aftershock

CLYW Puffin 2


G2 Quake

YYR Uragment



VSNYYC D-bearing Skywalker

OD Cascade (sucky picture, Deep Space colorway)


And here’s a couple that stick out in my mind that I haven’t owned, pictures courtesy of whoever had the best looking picture that came up in a Google search:

DS Wrath with splatter (the last 2)

MFD Caesar


2SYY Bishop

SPYY Punchline

VSNYYC Skywalker

VSNYYC Septopus

VSNYYC Moonwalker

and my personal holy grail colorways (I probably wouldn’t even consider buying them if they somehow popped up for sale but I think they are the nicest colorways ever)

Earth Swirl, Fire Swirl and Grizzly Bear Clowntown 2 Peaks


One last question. The tree peak is anodized, or painted? If painted, what kind of paint was it? :smiley: