yoyo company that has most consistently bad color ways in your opinion.

sorry chico, i just don’t get it

Why the negative thread?


Why can’t you differentiate criticism from negativity. A lot of Chicos seem like they hardly ever sell and perhaps they would if they had better color ways.

I don’t think they are BAD, but I have trouble liking many of the CLYW colour-ways, their just not my style for the most part. Mostly 'cause there’s not enough blue :stuck_out_tongue:

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YYF splashes are the worst that come to mind (I’m sure there are other companies I don’t even notice) since they’ve really gone downhill the past few years as far as my preferences go. They look like someone just vomits big blotchy splashes that eclipse the other color, plus I don’t like it when the splash is nowhere near the catch zone. Their acid washes are still top notch though.

Rebel Throws yoyo I could not buy because of the colorway, which I found horrible.

The Madhouse YoYo’s RAD was not something I wanted because I disliked the colorways.

I have to shell out $$ to get a yoyo. I better like it.

I feel beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can’t say any company has consistently had bad colorways. I have a growing collection and insufficient experience in 2.5 years. I have failed to see a trend of “consistently bad colorways”.

YYR b/c they hardly ever do anything creative like splashes etc. I know, they’re more performance oriented…the racecar of yoyo’s…geared more toward the competitors. The problem with that is that out of this whole community, there’s like 2% that compete. Most of the Yoyorecreation yoyo’s end up in the hands of average Joe’s, so I wish they would offer a variety of colorways. With the high prices of YYR’s throws, there’s no reason they couldn’t. Werrd has some cool neon colors such as their pink. I love their pink, but they lack any cool splash’s. Out of the ton’s of different CLYW colorwways, there’s only like 5 that I THINK look good. I love a variety, but taking all your colorways and putting white dots all over each of them and then adding ash or blizzard to the end of the name is something I will never understand. But, I’m definitely in the minority with that opinion b/c everyone seems to go nuts for them. That said, their berry berry is probably my most favorite colorway out of any brand ever. Square Wheels has amazing colorways. The Depeche Yo’d colorway is probably tied for my favorite with berry berry now that I think about it. Monkeyfinger sets the standard in my opinion. They’re just so creative and it shows. What got me into yoyo’s was the fun factor. So I wish that all yoyo’s had wild, crazy colors. However, I also really like solid, neon colors. None of this is meant to knock any brand and this is all MY opinion.

They offer tons of colorways. Some of the best splash colorways and richest solids around imo. I would like to see more bright solid colors like a green or purple which they’ve only done a few of, but overall their selection was quite large.

Personally for me SPYY was not great, and honestly one of the main reasons they didn’t sell well as the yoyos themselves were just amazing, but not very pretty. General Yo has also had some real duds aesthetically.

I have to agree. I’m a big YYF fan, but I can’t stand 80% of their colourways. The only reason I originally bought a Superstar (my first metal) was because it was the only one with a colourway I liked. I kinda wanted a Genesis but I couldn’t get past those ghastly splashes.

And like oops said, when you have a fully splashed cup and nothing in the catch zone, it just seems so lazy and rushed. =/

I can’t stand these terrible yyf splashes.

They do nice acid washes and nothing wrong with the solid colors.

I can’t stand MonkeyFinger. Too crazy for me and too much purple/orange/red

I’m with him.

This post made me cringe. I guess you need to sell out and do splash, because solids don’t sell? I guess solids aren’t creative enough, huh? And you think Monkeyfinger sets the standard? If every yoyo company made splotchy ugly colorways like that, I would just quit yoyoing. Believe it or not, some people enjoy the simplicity of solid colors. Monkeyfinger, just put stupid colors together to the point to where in looks like garbage, and the ano is just so splotchy. You can not look at those splotches and tell me that’s intentional.
I’m sorry if I seem rash, but I just had to speak out.

It’s a shame that the yoyo community can’t take an ounce of criticism without whining.


YYF and the shiny ano with a shiny splash… Fake looking IMO…

lol MFD is by far the most skilled large-volume anodizer around. If you don’t like the colors or patterns then that’s fine, i don’t like a lot of their colors, but i assure you any “splotchiness” is intentional, not to mention how good they’ve gotten at stencils and ghosting. Also they have the ability to customize a yoyo for you which is a pretty nice level of service that most other companies who outsource their anodizing can’t do. In fact i can’t wait for the day they start getting more work as the usual gruntball ano, while nice, is becoming really stale as more and more people use them.

I mean really look at the work they’ve done for G2 lately:

Also this thread’s been done before pretty much, by me in fact: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,67554.0.html


MFD are truly one of the best in the business. They have consistently unpredictable colourways (yes I’m aware of the oxymoron); definitely not consistently “bad”. In most runs, there are head-scratchers that some people ADORE and some people can’t warm up to. And the opinion on the adored and not-so-much colourways vary from person to person. That’s hardly “consistently” anything. :wink: I think the Lemon Merangled Lesula was almost the best thing evar, and at least one friend found it hideous. That’s a successful colourway, IMO! Polarizing beats homogenous every time.

MFD for the win on all things ano!!


Anybody who doesn’t do solid gold.

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Implying that splotching on a mask requires skill.

I love the work that MF does for other companies but the color ways that they put on their own throws remind me of vomit. Not saying they aren’t skilled at anodizing, just saying that they have bad colorways in my opinion.

Not a huge fan of Werrds with splashes, but I love how they look with solids.

That splash is horrible.