"What type of color way is the best" poll

(Nathan) #1

I was wondering what people thought about this and I haven’t noticed anything posted like this since September of 2015. I hope I did this right! (Vote four times if you want.)

  • splashes
  • solids
  • fades
  • acid washes

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(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

What about polished/raw?


I voted solids, which is my usual go-to, but there are definitely some splashes I like. Fades… eh, I like a few. I’m just really selective about anything that isn’t a solid


I’m in the opposite boat, I am an “anything but a solid” kind of guy. Half-swaps aren’t listed as an option either, in addition to raw/polished/nickel plated being missing @yofanatic05

(ClockMonster) #5

Solids feel much less trendy to me than the flashier colorways. Solids are classy, elegant, and timeless.

({John15}) #6

There are very few non solid color ways that I find attractive. One of the things that I really really like about this website’s marketing, is that they show what a non solid colorway looks like while it’s spinning. That’s kind of a big deal to me, and I really appreciate that effort


Also… a bit boring :wink:

I do like polished / raw / nickle though, I’d rate those as “most classy” personally!

({John15}) #8

@codinghorror what about this beauty? Forest green with a clean white string? This looks super classy to me

(ClockMonster) #9

I find it ironic that there should be so much focus on the “interest” generated by splashy finish patterns that disappear and become, more or less, a single solid color when the yoyo is in motion, which is arguably its natural state for its purpose.

(Nathan) #10

I most definitely agree.

(Nathan) #11

Most splashes also kind of look really disgusting to me while they are in motion. The only acid wash that has ever interested me personally is the Blossom’s “Purple/Pink/Silver Acid Wash W/ Rainbow Ring” Idk why


I voted solid. I’ve seen splashes, acid washes and fades that I really like but I’ve also seen examples of those three that I didn’t like at all. Don’t think I ever saw a solid I didn’t like. :slight_smile:


Here, let me fix that up for you :smiling_imp:

NOW it’s an awesome splash!!

Of course I’m kidding LOL but yeah, to me solids are just kinda blah.


A lot of splashes just start to look really uninspired to me. I know people say the same about solids, but the whole point of solids is to be… solid. I absolutely love the OD Saturday market. I think that is one of the most gorgeous colorways I’ve ever seen. C3 does some great ones as well, same with G2 if you’re lucky enough to get them. But as a default, I’m a plain solids guy. Also, I’ve been into color blocking (clothes) lately so solids fit well with that theme


To be fair, there are some ugly splashes out there, and the odds of a solid being “ugly” is basically nil. So I get that.

Solids are reliable, they could never be considered aesthetically displeasing, you can’t say “the color blue is terrible”… can you?


Give me a solid in a nice color any day, or a raw aluminum, maybe satined.

({John15}) #17

Like this one, I just can’t get into this kind of stuff.

(Nathan) #18

Why does it seem to me that a lot of companies seem to come out with mostly splashes and acid washes, (OD, C3. and CLYW for example) when solids are more popular overall?

(ClockMonster) #19

And notice how when it is in motion, it reduces to a one- or two-tone solid anyway. The splashes are only evident when sitting on a shelf. And as the old saying goes, a ship can lay at rest in port, but that’s not what it’s built for.


Splashes are more expensive, so that’s a factor too.

I don’t actually think solids are more popular in terms of economic sales. They are cheaper, though… and significantly so. I’ve seen some splashes add $20 to the cost of a yo-yo, which has to color (lol) the results.

And some of the value yo-yos don’t even come in splashes, I think to keep the price down to reasonable levels.