"What type of color way is the best" poll


This doesn’t really fit in any of the vote choices but it’s one of my all time favorite color ways. I’m just posting here for people that may have never seen one. Grizzly Bear Clown Town Peak.

Pic from YoYobrothers Flickr.


This is kind of a specious argument. For what percentage of a yo-yo’s life will it be in motion? For what percentage of a car’s life will it be in motion?

Aesthetics still matter.


Your phone’s font is literally killing me, man!

I am now dead. I have died. RIP me. Cause of death: Smiley phone font :skull_and_crossbones:

p.s. charge your dang phone already :wink:


Hmmmm it seems not many other people like acid washes…

(ClockMonster) #25

I realize that yoyos can be enjoyed and appreciated as pretty objects of fine craftsmanship, in addition to their value as skill toys that must be in motion in order to perform their primary purpose. It’s just that for me, their aesthetics when in motion take precedence over their aesthetics when they are at rest because I don’t see my yoyos except for when I take them out of their cases to use them.


The thing about keeping all your yoyos in cases is that it takes more effort to pick one up and start throwing. I used to put my yoyos in cases and I’m kinda lazy so I noticed that I didn’t want to play with the yoyos that I had in the case because opening the case was too much effort. So now my yoyos are all on shelves and tables. And now I can look at them and they’re nice and pretty.


You gotta display your playable art, man! Get to Michaels and buy one of those $15 soda crates! They rock!

({John15}) #28

It’s really not that weird man, most Androids can be programmed with this kind of font.

Neverrrrrr!!! Hahaha


Well yes, but it is a question of which font… for example good old Comic Sans :wink:

(ClockMonster) #30

I’m just not interested in yoyos as objet d’art. I’m only interested in them as skill toys. However, I do have to look at them when I’m playing them, and so I’d rather be staring at a color I like than a color I don’t like, which is the only reason color matters to me at all.

({John15}) #31

Whyyyyy? You just love ruining things for me, don’t you?

Thanks code. I can never look at my screen the same way ever again.

p.s. (I’m not changing it!)

Edit: It’s not even Comic Sans! I checked, it’s Rosemary!

(InvaderDust) #32

A yoyo does spend the majority of its life not spinning though, which is an argument for the the splashes being desirable. They also make the yoyo unique. Recognizable as yours, like birthmarks. You could not tell one solid from another without it being damaged. I see a good splash and i get all jiggely. Most of the Zip Zops make me do this, but CLYW has has some real stunners. Orca’s Lost in Space is a top contender.

That being said, It just has to feel “pretty” to me. Ive had great yoyos in colors i thought were ugly and I got rid of them. Got them again later in a more agreeable color and its night and day difference. Its crazy how much of it is in my head.

Acid washes adds a nice depth to the experience. Trippier.

Fades appeal to me the least, but I do has a couple in my collection.


Huh, I hadn’t considered this. You’re right. All solids are identical, but every splash is unique.

You cannot tell me that this isn’t beautiful. You cannot.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #34

I appreciate the very shape of the yoyo and to much extra just takes away from the looks. I like my vehicles with clean lines, stripes and trim should be minimal and enhance the lines. Same with yoyos. Some splashes look alright but…….then again I’ve seen many that look like they…I wont say, don’t want to offend.

Now having stated my preference I will say that not all solid colors are created equal, the right color for the yoyo is important.

(ClockMonster) #35

The colors are pretty, but I’ll pass on the swirl pattern. It looks a little too much like a cup of frozen yogurt or something.


I like the acid wash and random types of colors /fades as it helps me see when it’s about to die so I should bind.
Also like the 1/2 and 1/2 colors.

But why does everyone call them color ways. That’s like…?
Who started that talk in the first place? I recall that being commonplace in the one drop forum days of old.

(InvaderDust) #37

Thats a good question! I’d want point my finger to CLYW, but not sure why, and dont really have anything to back it up with…


I don’t think the word colorway is from the yoyo community. It’s a general word for like patterns of colors and stuff so it can be used for fabric or clothing. Yoyoing just adapted the word. I think.

({John15}) #39

Now this is cool. Looks psychedelic

(Thalia) #40

I vote solid!