Solid colors appreciation! Bring'm out!


Hey all!

I know there are some of you that truly appreciate solid color ano’s, like myself. I’ve been working on acquiring green and blue solid colors, with a few oddities that seem to compliment. Now I figured it was my turn to show off what I have ;D Let me know what you think!

Only missing one, thinking of filling the void with a yellow H5xChief.

I would love to see all of yours if you have some, feel free to post critiques and/or your own photos!! :slight_smile:


I always thought that the green on the recrev sine/saw was beautiful.

(M.DeV1) #3

With splashes it can look good or ugly but IMO solid is always looking good.



Agreed! Some splashes are good, but solids never fail to look great.

(YoYoStringLab) #5

My favorite solid:
DEADLY SpINS - Wrath 1 by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr
DEADLY SpINS - Wrath 2 by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr


That wrath sure is sexy! Is that the pre pro?

Some splashes do look incredible. I’m glad you guys can relate. There’s something about a solid color yoyo spinning not appearing to be spinning, etc. manipulating itself through a matching color string that just boggles my eyes.

I especially love the blue :slight_smile: All the colors look awesome on that yoyo it seems.

(YoYoStringLab) #7

Yes it is.


Very nice. It looks gorgeous with that finish!

I’m getting a Wrath sometime in the next few weeks. Excited to see how it plays!


Solids just have a level of class that is hard to beat. Looks so slick. I love them.

I can tell you from my own experience, it really is.


I find myself drawn to purple over most any other color. Even with splashes, I prefer the base color to be purple. I took one look at the OD Chiks and decided that when I get one, it’s gonna be purple. I got a Matsuri BvM2, I was about to order a purple Summit, but decided I liked the dark blue more.

I also really like oranges and reds. My favorite color is green, but I have yet to find a green on a yoyo that I really like.


Did you ever get a close look at the green on ILYY’s? Possibly the nicest green ano that I have ever seen.


Your collection looks great. I prefer solids myself, but usually make an exception for my YYE Editions. I prefer solid blue, black, silver or gold. I have to admit that I hate green on a yo-yo, and only own one that color. But, I absolutely love the color blue, and I seek it out, no matter what shade it is…because it always looks stunning! I will not post every solid yo-yo…just the blue, so you can see what I mean.


Agreed! Those are some nice blues!

Blue colors tend to always look good whichever shade is chosen. But when certain greens are used, they look stellar.

Some greens look dreadful though. Not a fan of olive green, it reminds me of my parent’s bathroom when I was a kid.

That and some yellows.


Just got a blue Summit and it is downright beautiful.