Solids or Splash colors? Which one do you prefer?

Hey! I just realized that every yoyo I own is a solid color yoyo.
I have a turquoise chief ( possibly up for sale) a solid silver fools gold avalanche, and a solid pink Summit.
Also a pink yyf whip and the mighty flea which is silver.

But I really like the splash colors CLYW does. the blizzard, concrete blizzard, lava, Delirium Drive and dragon bones colorways are my favorite ones besides solid Pink.

So what do you guys prefer? solid colors or splashes?
I know BBB is everyone’s favorite but please feel free to list your favorite colorways for a yoyo
You don’t have to limit it to CLYW. pick any company.
I like the pink and orange token from C3Yoyodesign too. I forgot to mention that.

My favorite looking ones
Blue with gold splash
Gray with orange splash
Blue with silver acid wash
Black with blue splash (new token)
YYE editions
Black and green splash sounds nice too

solids… splash is so ugly unless it was the splash that clyw did on their yoyos a few years ago


If I got to pick, I’d take a splash on acid wash ano over anything else any day of the week.


Splash, if it’s a good job, not like YYF splash. . A good solid every once in a while is really nice as well, though.

There’s been ton of “color/colorway” preference threads.

It really depends. In general, I prefer solids, that’s just how I like things. At the same time, I can’t always get what I want the way I want, so if I have to deviate, it might as well be something I can have some control over so I can “live” with it.

So, solids, especially blues, silver(raw looking) and greys. I’m on a red phase right now.

With colorways, I try to have it be colors I like. Recently, GSquared sent me a Triton in the Space Panther colorway. This is not a colorway I would have bought on my own, but for whatever reason, of the choices they gave me, this is the one they ended up sending. It looks nice, much better up close than in photos.

My main thing is to get yoyos I like, and of course in colors I can live with. I have colors all over the place and colorways all over the place. At the same time, it’s stuff I can enjoy and live with.

With CLYW, the Clareview Station is really nice, but 28 Stories is amazing. One Drop? I have some solids I like, but the Zombie Thunderstorm and Thunderstorm are really good to me but I still like the solids better.

I need to take new case shots so people can see the variety and diversity.

One thing I don’t care for though is mis-matched halves. I do have a couple that are like that. A mismatched halved Gnarwal and a General Yo Majesty have these issues. The General Yo shipped that way. The Gnarwal I got used and the guy obviously traded halves. It’s still an amazing performer.

All of them! The Lemon Merangled colourway from MonkeyfingeR looks absolutely spectacular, but then I saw a Lesula in plain black (and also clear ano on a blast) and it looked great also.

I like the stuff done in the “Artistry” series more than classic splash. Classic splash has started to overstay its welcome a bit for me, but cutting-edge splash is still fantastic.

If you absolutely forced me to pick one, I would go with acid washes of similar tones or at least a cohesive theme. So not spotty contrasty acid, but ones that are more subtle. The orange/violet Capless for example.

I like clear yoyos.


CLYW splashes are the best in my opinion.

My Ninja Hurdles Chief is amazing. I also want to get my hands on a white CLYW with red splash.

I like the ones on One Drop and G2 yo-yos.

Team Splash yo-yo

EDIT: It depends, but I like a lot of splash (like the sakura)

I’m much more picky when it comes to splash. So maybe I prefer solids lol.

Solid colors, unless there is any splash with gold in it, those are beautiful :]

Don’t care for splash much at all.

I love the Clyw color-ways. I have a yogi edition puffin and a coffee splash avalanche

Solid for life.

I love em all. But im stuck on nickel plated atm.

Uhhh i like Solids I like a lot of raw looking yo-yos I like how there all shiny but I love cooperate with all the color on them because I love color!

I’m very visual, so I prefer splash, nothing gaudy though. Two colors, three max. I love how those colors mix together while the yoyo is spinning and create a new color.

Depends on what yoyo. Sometimes, I like the way splash looks. Other times, a solid color can make for one classy looking throw.